We have placed the following Knox past students and teachers on the WANTED LIST, because a long lost friend is looking for you. If you know the whereabouts of any of the following people, please send me an e-mail with their e-mail address or mailing address and I will work on getting the friends back in touch with each other again. If an e-mail address is listed for the searcher, please contact the person directly. However, I would appreciate it if you would let me know once the contact has been made so that I can remove that person's name from the list.
I have started putting the searchers name and e-mail address on this page. It has gotten too cumbersome having all of the replies go through me. However, if you do not want your name and e-mail address printed below, please let me know when you send in your request and I will not include it in the listing.
Thanks, Jean (Clarage) Slosberg


BEVERLY GOODEN, from class of 1977, Barbara Smith would like to get in touch with you. Barbara's e-mail address is bab_wiles@yahoo.co.uk

MITZIE McLEOD, Donna Moodie is looking for. Donna believes she resides in Canada. Donna's EMail address MoodieDonMO@aol.com

OLIVENE BLACKWOOD of Christiana, LILEITH MORRIS of Ritchies, SIMONE CHUNG of Frankfield, DENISE HARRISON of Coleyville, Lola Fagon would like to get in touch with theses Knoxites who attended Knox in 1975. Lola can be contactes at sfagon@yahoo.co.uk
Submitted September 6th, 2009

ANN-MARIE BAKER and SOPHIA "NADINE" HAMILTON, Hope Kelly is looking for you. Her email address is joelhope@rogers.com
Submitted May 11th, 2009

JUNE FARQUHARSON, BARRINGTON PAYNE, JENNIFER CURRIE and PEACHES PALMER, Mardene Carr would like to say hi and see what you are up to. Mardene's e-mail address is mardenec@hotmail.com
Submitted April 17th, 2007

PAULA-ANN POWELL and CHELSEA WHITE, who were in the graduating class of '87-'92, Janice Utter is trying to find you. Janice can be contacted at janiceuter@hotmail.com
Submitted, March 16th, 2009

CARL MAY, your cousin Vanessa May is looking for you. She cannot remember the exact year that he attended Knox. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Carl, please contact Vanessa at vanmay85@gmail.com
Submitted May, 2007

GARETTE MORRISON, NICHOLAS PALMER, JASON TOMLENSON, LENNOX BOURNE, SHERDON SMITH, OMAR GRAHAM, DENHOLME LEWIS, ROALD MALCOLM, MARK COLE, RICKSTON ALLEN: Howard White ESQ who attended Knox between '91 and '96 is trying to locate you. He saw Rickston in London and they shared phone numbers, but hasn't heard from him in a while. He writes "Omar Harvey, please let me know if you know the where about's of these Knoxites.
The webmaster wrote: If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of these people please contact me at jslosberg@comcast.net. I need to locate Howard's e-mail address and will post it here when I have it, so that he can be contacted directly.
Submitted May, 2007

TO THE STUDENTS FROM 1962 - 1965: My name is Evangeline Green (Morgan) I just found out about Knox site. I am trying to find some of my class mate, I was there in 1962 - to 1965> Some of my class mates were. Johnny Bent, Vivienne Daley, Claudette Reid  Susan Fox,  there was fellow name Philip Gentles, Kenny Azan. These are just a few of the names I remember. My  e-mail address is almorganjewels@daystar.net . I would like to hear from someone. I remember Mrs Jones, Mr. Bent, Mr George Scott. I se you will be having a reunion in 2007 I would really like to come. I now live in Florida.

ALECIA MONCRIFFFE aka Lisa, who graduated in 1993 or 1994 and then went to Knox Community College along with her sisters Opal and Allison; Aqulia Clarke is trying to find you. Aqulia attended Knox High School in 1990-1995. Please contact Aqulia at aqulia123@yahoo.com if you know how to help her get in touch with Alecia.
Submitted June 22nd, 2006

NICOLETTE LEWIS, a mutual friend is trying to contact you. Please contact otaffe@aol.com
Submitted March, 2006

SHERIL NAPIER from the class of '87, Charmaine Bailey (McLean) is searching for you. Please contact her at charreb1@aol.com
Submitted January 25th, 2006

NICOLE LOGAN, JENIFER REID, Ms CRAWFORD, MARK, JULIAN REYNOLDS, Raquel Ramdatt is looking for you. She wrote " I'm Raquel Ramdatt and looking for anyone who remembers me….I graduated in 95 and boarded on campus since 93 …..Remembering Nicole Logan, Jenifer Reid, Ms Crawford, Mark, Julian Reynolds where is everybody?". Raquel can be reached at racramdatt@hotmail.com .
Submitted December 17th, 2005.

MRS. REID, the general science teacher who was at Knox during the early '90's, Oral Robinson is trying to locate you, he was one of your students during that time. His e-mail address is: omarob2756@vbch.ecpi.edu
Submitted December 11th, 2005

RAQUEL RAMDATT, APRIL KING, NATHAN MORRISON, ODETTE THOMAS and ONI TAFFEE, Nicole Logan-Park is looking for these friends who boarded with her at Knox between 1989-1995. She would also like to get in touch with her fellow gradudes from the class of '95. Nicole can be reached at nloganpark@hotmail.com
Submitted November 17th, 2005

KEDDIE MARSH, Kimberley Flood is trying to find you. Please contact her at kjflood@rogers.com . Also, Kimberley writes: "A big hello to my fellow Grant girls from 79-83!  I am doing well in Canada as a wife and mother to 2 little girls, as well as being a high school teacher." 
Submitted October 30th, 2005

MARVA DAVEY and JANET BROOKS, Delfeina Bailey is trying to find you. Her e-mail address is noelbrooklyn@aol.com
Submitted October 6th, 2005

OMAR GREGORY: has fallen off the radar again after linking me. Would like to hear from you fellow. Stay safe. If anyone knows where Omar is, please contact Tiffany Marie Hyman at <angel_of_succour@hotmail.com>
Submitted June '05

PHILLIP SUPERSAD, ROBERT ALBERGA, ROBERT SUTHERLAND, ROGER, JERRY & GREGORY RAMSEY, ANN MARIE ASHMEADE, PAULETTE GUY, GAIL KIRBY, and anyone else from our year!  Peter Reid is trying to get in touch with you. my email address is  info@esaymovers.com  Link up!
Submitted June 14th, 2004

Karen Waite is trying to find you. Karen attended Knox between 87-92. Her e-mail is kaw992003@hotmail.com

JUNE FARQUHARSON, PATRICIA LACY and MARDENE KARR, who attended Knox from '75-'79 Denise Rose is looking for you. Her e-mail address is dkroses@hotmail.com

Hey, my name is Ricardo Wiltshire. I attended Knox Junior School during the period of 1991-1995. I am presently a student at NCU. Some of the greatest early moments of my life were at Knox. I would like to link up with some football team members which include Fernando, Steve (Fatta), Cremo, and some class friends which include Javid, Bob, Denver, Keisha, Melissa. All these friends were in 6L. All those who remember me and want to linkup can contact me at: ricardowiltshire@yahoo.com
Submitted February 23rd, 2004

I am trying to find my friend JUDITH DOWNIE . Judith is the sister of Marjorie St. Rose who was an English teacher at Knox . Judith and I (Claudeth Foster) graduated from Knox in 1983 . My email address is <cfoster30@hotmail.com>

PAULA ANN WILLIAMS, who graduated from Knox in '79, last known to be teaching at Bergen College in New Jersey. Your classmate Sharon Chung is trying to find you. Sharon's e-mail address is <Roshar38@aol.com>
Submitted January 30th, 2004

 KIRK McLEAN, who graduated high school in '92, Angie (from Comm. College) is trying to get in touch with you. Angie's E-mail address is angre09@aol.com or angieg303@hotmail.com.
Submitted January 21st, 2004

I would like to get in touch with several of my class mates and friends from Knox. The list is as follows:
The Bent family including  Miss Bent,Mrs. Bent and her children Dave, Audrey and Betty Bent (condolences a bit tardy about Mr Bent departure to heaven )
Christopher John James
Heather Davidson
Duncan Davidson
Barbara Helder
Marion Helder
The Azan Family of Spaldings
Elsa Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. German
Mr.  Leo Jones
Mrs. Beckford Jones
Barbara Miller
Jennifer Heart
John Stewart
Rachelle Manley
Sheila Smith
Jeannette Williams
Lylia Petion (Stevenson ) can be reached at <fstevens@optonline.net>

ANYONE FROM THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '98, Robert "Berto" Walford wants to get in contact with those who remember him . If you do remember me or graduated from 11 MALCOM you may email me at rwalfordjr@bellsouth.net or rwalford2@bellsouth.net .
Submitted, Nov. 2003

SHENIA JEMINSON aka BOUNIE, SUZETTE MULLINGS, PATRICIA McDONALD, LENEISHA McGREGOR and ROXANNE HARRIOTT, Sharline Hall Williams is trying to find you. She says "Hey guys I would like you to give me a shout.......it's been years".  Sharline's e-mail address is <h_sharline@hotmail.com
Submitted October 30th, 2003

KNOXITES FROM 1990-1995:
Ann wrote: Hello ther emy name is Ann Walters. I attended Knox from 1990-1995. I would like to link up with some friends of mine. My e-mail address is <pwalt1964@aol.com>.
Submitted November 26th, 2003

- Robert wrote: Robert "Berto" Walford wants to get in contact with those who remember me from that year. If you do remember me or graduated from 11 MALCOM you may email me at rwalfordjr@bellsouth.net or rwalford2@bellsouth.net
Submitted November 8th, 2003

ZAHEER TOMLIN, from the graduating class of 1994, Althe Emright is trying to find you. Althe's e-mail address is <enwright8@aol.com>. Althe now resides in London.

JEANNETTE KENNY, and CAROLE FULLER. Lekhraj Merani would like to make contact with these friends from Knox. Lekhraj's address is  <en216@ncf.ca> or < lekhraj_merani@hotmail.com>
Submitted August 17th, 2003

LOVELL LEE, who attended Knox around 1993, Ariane Chung (Jody) is looking for you. Ariane's e-mail address is jodychang@yahoo.com
Submitted June 30th, 2003

DAVID "ZENKE" WILLIAMS, Philemon Holmes is trying to find you. His e-mail address is <philholmes_99@yahoo.com>
Submitted May 16th, 2003

TERRI  LOWE, who lives in Atlanta Georgia; Tricia Hayles-Kenton is looking for you. Tricia's e-mail address is <Trails_21@hotmail.com>  
Submitted, May 10th, 2003

PATRICK PIXLEY, Paul Wilson who attended Knox Junior School with you is trying to find you. Paul's e-mail address is <ReadyRock01@aol.com>
Submitted April 23rd, 2003

RUTH SCOTT ANDRADE, Patricia Walker - Lee is looking for you. Patricia's e-mail address is <iriep2000@aol.com> .
Submitted April 21st, 2003

SOPHIA ISAAC, DAVID HENDRIKS and RICHARD CARTER, Allison Rerrie of the class of '92 is trying to get in touch with you. Allison's e-mail address is jegelesker2001@yahoo.co.uk or indirarerrie@hotmail.com. Her phone is; 876 839 7249 /  876 957 5931.

SOPHIA HAMILTON AKA NADINE - Hope wrote: Hope Kelly your cuz is trying to find you. my e-mail address is <joelhope@aol.com>
Submitted, October 18th, 2002

PETER ANDRADE, Patricia walker-Lee is trying to find you. Patricia's e-mail address is iriep2000@aol.com.
Submitted, October 19th, 2002

LESLINE THOMAS, Margaret Royal wrote: I am looking for my friend Lesline Thomas who was (is?) teaching at Knox Community College in Spalding.  I have not heard from Lesline for a couple years and would like to contact her.  If anyone knows where Lesline is could you please get this message to her.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Cindy and I would like to hear from her.  My e-mail address is mroyal56@yahoo.ca.
Thank you,
Margaret Royal
Submitted October 4th, 2002

George Turner who is looking for you wrote: I have been trying to locate a former student from Knox for some time now. Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated. Here is what I have...Robert F. Heinz. Graduated from Fenger H.S. Chicago, Ill. in 1952. Have a picture of him with other students dated 1953. After Knox he went into the service.
We are having a 50th H.S reunion. Any information you can provide will be helpful. My e-mail is margeo123@attbi.com   
 Thank you very much,   
George Turner
Submitted, September 4th, 2002

MICHAEL (EDDIE) COOKE, JEANETTE LEWIS, LORAINE (MAGGIE) MAGNUS and ANNETTE CHEN ...all from Miss Duncan's home room grade 10, 1974~1975 school year (except for Michael (Eddie) Cooke and Jeanette Lewis. Terri Rabley is looking for you. Terri's e-mail address is: knoxbuddies@shineleaf.mailshell.com

SOPHIA SMITH and TANYA HICKEY, (or anyone from the class of '89)
Sonia Reid is looking for you. Her e-mail address is <amirule3@comcast.net>
July, 2002

CLIVE WILES and TRICIA THOMPSON, Marc Bennett is trying to find you. Marc graduated from Knox in '92. His e-mail address is <pppi0074@infochan.com>
June 29th, 2002

ANIKE JONES, KIRK KENNLEY-DENNIS, Shane Williams is looking for you. Her email address is willy_jm@yahoo.com.

CHARMAINE GENTLES, Sharon McDonald - Ledford is looking for you. Her e-mail address is <sharim11@yahoo.com>

CORINNE NELSON - who lives in New Jersey and graduated from Knox in "82, Sandra McDonald is looking for you. Sandra's e-mail address is <sandeemac69@hotmail.com>

MALIEK DWYER from the class of '94, Kevin Roberts is looking for you. His e-mail address is <kevinroberts@cwjamaica.com

MARLENE WILLIAMS and FAY McKENSEY, Yvonne Hylton is looking for you. Her e-mail address is <yreid40@aol.com

JENNIFER ANDERSON, who was an English instructor during the 70's, Brian Swann is trying to find you. His e-mail address is <swandent@aol.com> .
March 30th, 2002

JERRY CARTER, class of '87
, Mavis Cardwell (Harriott) is trying to find you. Her e-mail address is <mcardwell@bioreliance.com>
March 30th, 2002

VERONICA FINDLEY AND SHIRLEY GOULBOURNE, Julet Morrison-Kelsey is trying to find you. Her email address is julet4@yahoo.com
February 2002

AUDREY DUNKLEY, KAREN WILLIAMS, EMILE SUDLOW AND CAROL FERUESON Donovan Cunningham is trying to find you. Donovan's e-mail address is <cunnydon@yahoo.com>.
January 2002

DR. JOHN C. STEPHENS AND HIS WIFE NORA STEPHENS, who had children who attended Knox in the 60's and lived in the Christiana area, Rose Marie Chen is trying to find you. Her e-mail address is <wali@cwjamaica.com>
January, 2002

MERRICK HERRON and JANE TRENCHARD (she  maybe living in England) - Carter Mitchell is is searching for you. His e-mail address is <cmitchell@danielsgraphics.com>

ANYONE FROM THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1983 AT KCHS AND FROM MR. DOUGLAS' GRADUATING CLASS OF 1984 at KCC, Karen Rodney - Ebey is trying to locate you. Karen's e-mail address is <KAMIRO65@aol.com>.
January 5th, 2002

,  Marc Villeneuve who spent 4 great months at Knox college as an exchange student from Canada is looking for you. Marc wrote:  I would love to contact Corrinne Nelson, Sandy Williams or Dj ( I don't remember his full name ). If you have any info. please let me know.
Marc Villeneuve
Université d`Ottawa/University of Ottawa
Center for Mediated Teaching and Learning/
Centre Enseignement et d'Apprentissage Médiatisé.
Tel. 613-562-5800 ext. 6307
E-mail: mpville@uottawa.ca
Dec. 2001

SOPHIA DYER, Sophia attended KJS about 1993 went 2 KH about 1994. She use to board with Mrs. Bernard on the Hill.
Tiffany Marie Hyman is looking for you. Tiffany's e-mail address is angel_of_succour@hotmail.com. Thanks
Submitted Dec. 2001

COLLEEN ROBERTS who attended Knox from '73 to '80. - The following message is from Sharon Myles-Conner, who is desperately trying to make contact with you: Colleen lived in Mandeville and migrated to New York in the mid-80's.  She got married and relocated to Jamaica sometime in the early 90's. I have lost touch with Colleen since.  If anyone knows Colleen please help. My name is Sharon Myles-Conner and my email address is knoxite70s@hotmail.com
November 13th, 2001

KEISHA ALLEN who attended Knox from '85-'91,
Chicketa Anderson is looking for you. Chicketa's e-mail address is <mavrick@mavrick.fslife.co.uk> .
October 28th, '01

GRADUATING CLASS OF 1993, please contact Cadine Ferguson (Williams) at cadinew@hotmail.com in order for us to plan a class reunion.
September 27th, '01

is looking for you all. Her e-mail address is <TWIGS_@webtv.net> .

MRS. GLORIA SWABY, the following message is from Carlene Miller: Hello, my name is Carlene and I am a past student of
Knox Jr. and High. I graduated in 92. I would like some information on Mrs. Gloria Swaby, my favorite lady in the world next to my mom. Mrs. Swaby taught me more than I could ever wish for, I love her. My e-mail address is <carlene_miller@yahoo.com> .
August 28th, '01

the following message is for you, from Tamikco Stewart:

Has anyone seen or heard from Samoya Hudson? The last time I spoke to her was in April of this year. Sammy if you are there you can e-mail me at Tamikco.S@lineone.net. Just wanna say a quick hello to Simone Reynolds (Sukki), mail me too girl.

STUDENTS FROM THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1978, Michael Jones (AKA IKUN) would like to get in touch with you. He can be reached at  michaelm.jones@scotiabank.com or at davadon@scotiabank.com  . 

 ANN BERRY, MARGARET ELLIOTT and RODERICK NEUNAN , Roderick Duhaney who attended Knox from 1947 to 1957, is trying to reach you. His e-mail address is <iamorio@email.msn.com>
July 17th, 2001

DONNA BROOKS,  who lived in Mandeville and migrated to the US about 20 years ago. Alton Sandford is trying to get in touch with you. She was good friends with me and the late Conroy Wint. Alton's e-mail address is asandford@choiceonecom.com
February, 2001

CHORVELLE JOHNSON,  who attended Knox between '78-'83 - Heather Campbell is trying to locate you, her address is <hjcampbell2@att.net>.

JANETTE WALTERS, who graduated in '71-'72 - Barbara Lawrence is trying to find you. Her address is <barbara.lawrence@bms.com>.

WAYNE SMITH alas MENTION - Paulette Coley - House is looking for you. Her address is <paulette_house@hotmail.com>. 

COLIN LEWIS, TONY CUNNINGHAM, YVONNE HOSANG, MYRNA ROBERTS, HELEN CROSBY, PATRICIA RICHARDSON, GWYNN JONES, who attended Knox during the period of 1977 through 1979, Sheilah Marie Banton is looking for you. You can e-mail Sheilah at work at sbanton@bcharrispublishing.com or home at KAPPATAL1@aol.com

DAVID or VIV McCLAREN, Milton Douglas is looking for you. Please contact Milton at <jamrican@bellatlantic.net> if you know how to get in touch with them.

COLLETTE WALKER, ANDRE FONG CHOY and WAYNE SMITH aka "Mention". Antonette Kong is trying to find you. Collette Walker migrated from Second form 1985 and Andre Fong Choy  migrated when they were in third form . She would also like to hear from any of her good friends with whom she has lost touch since Knox days. Antonette's e-mail address <awgorman@hotmail.com> . 

CRAIG LAWRENCE, Sharon Jones is looking for you. Her e-mail address is <sierrajuliet@cwjamaica.com>

RICHARD GRAHAM and ROY (HILROY) BROOKS, who graduated in 1969, Errol Napier is looking for you. Errol's address is <errol1@prodigy.net>.

Audley Carter would like to get back in touch with his classmates from the graduating class of '71 or '72. He can be contacted at  <soadmin@cwjamaica.com>

RACHEL COLEMAN of Mandeville, SACHIA BROWN of Nain and DEBRA TOYLOY of Ocho Rios. Christine Sherman is looking for you. Her e-mail address is <teromeo@yahoo.com> . 

DAVID (ZENKE) WILLIAMS left Knox in 1983, migrated to the US and I think joined the navy/army . Anyone knowing his whereabouts can contact Philemon at <philemon.holmes@cwjamaica.com>.

NADINE SUTHERLAND who graduated in '91. Russell Brydson is trying to find you. His address is <brydsor@ahp.com>. 

KERRI-ANNE GREE, DEVRE WINT and SHELDON O'GERE.  Johnathan Hart is looking for you. His address is 

ADONNA SIMMS (who graduated in '79) and ALTHEA SIMMS (who graduated in '82).  Franklyn Cuffe is searching for you. His address is <fcuffe@hotmail.com>. Franklyn is the younger brother of Neil Cuffe.

NIGEL STODDARD.   Patricia Edwards is trying to locate you. Her address is <WIGNAL@MAIL.MCO.BELLSOUTH.NET>. 

Janet Vaughan, a 1990 Knox graduate, and Tricia Hayes are looking for you. They can be reached at the following e-mail addresses.< janet_vaughan@diamond.net.udel.edu or rocket_11@hotmail.com>

ALLISON & WINDSOR RERRIES, twins RACQUEL & RENICE, NATALIE, RORY, RICHMOND CARTER and his two sisters. Cylia Lowe is looking for you. Her e-mail address is <MissCL22@aol.com>

ANNMARIE FORESTER (was in the Ft. Lauderdale area) and MARLON BRAMMER. Kevin Smith is looking for you. His e-mail address is <ksmith08@astro.ocis.temple.edu>


LOCKSLEY DUNBAR a Knox past student is looking for you. Please write to <BAKE66@aol.com, if you know how to get in touch with Locksley.

HAROLD REYNOLDS, otherwise called "Burt Reynolds". Diana Chamderlain is trying to get in touch with you. She can be contacted at <apec2@cwjamaica.com>.  

JOAN LAWRENCE .  Ludlow Ball is looking for you, his address is <LUDLOWBALL@prodigy.net>

SHEILA CARTER'S CHILDREN: JERRY CARTER, MUNCHIE, LADY CLARE and TICKIE -  Chyrel who boarded with your family is looking for you. Chyrel's number is 718-723-7615. Sheila Carter's daughters and son should be ages 24 through 30 now. 

NATASHA -MAULE- CROXTON, who attended Knox from '93-'95.  Robert Campbell is looking for you. Robert's address is <Robert.Campbell@cwjamaica.com> .

I am earnestly trying to locate Angela Dyke-Elliott, who was a past teacher from Knox College. She taught me at Manchester High School in 1975-1977. My name was Judith Cole (now Monteith) and I am not a past student of Knox, however I hope that she can be reached through a Knox past student. I was at the time living at Hanbury Children's Home and she was very instrumental in my growth, mentally and spiritually and is a mentor to me.  I can't express to you how much I would appreciate any help in locating her.  I have tried for a couple of year but without any success so I am praying that this time it will be successful. I am now living in the states and she can contact me at jmonteith@worldnet.att.net

CLASS 7a, 1964, Mrs. Patricia Issacs' homeroom class:
My name is Beverley Thompson Brooks and I am a past student of Knox.
I attended Knox between 1964 and 1969. I  would like anyone from class 7a, 1964 to contact me. Mrs. Patricia Issacs was our home room teacher it was 20 of us, 16 girls and 4 boys. I think we should have a reunion if possible.  My email address is bevpbrooks99@hotmail.com

Hi, I am a past student of Knox, class of '93 and I would love to contact anyone from that year or during the time I was there namely Natalie Robinson who was from Alexandria in St. Ann;  Sheldon Silvera; Shachia Brown (last heard she was attending university in the U.S.A); Nicole Thelwell; Belinda Bailey (left before '93 for high school in the U.S.A); Ava deLevnte (last heard she was attending Bethlehem T.C) and lastly Sanchia Ridguard (should be in Barbados).
My name is Travia Stewart and my e-mail address is TraviaS@excite.com.

Looking for MR. KILBURN (Math Teacher during the late 1960's)

PHILLIP DINNAL - Dwight Ruddock would like to get back in touch with you.

MARCIA WILSON- last known address was somewhere in Alabama. Karrain Smith is looking for her.

 ALDITH ATKINS, HERBERT CARVAHLO, THOMAS CARTY and BERYL DAVY. Blossom Saunders is looking for you. Her e-mail address is <BSaund5745@aol.com>.

LISA ANNKIE- A current student at Knox, Cyril Morris Jr. from San Francisco would like to get in touch with you.


JAMES (JIMMY) FLOYD – He was British. His father was a professor at UWI. He left Knox between ’70 and ’72.



LEIGHTON LINTON, the person who is trying to locate Leighton can contact him at the following address <leighton_linton@msn.com (updated, April 20th, 2004)


CAROL THOMPSON - She and her brother Terry are from the Bahamas. Sara Doyling would like to get in touch with her.

JENNIFER DALLEY and LORNA SERVICE - Karen Williams is looking for you.





KAMOY LAMONT. Leon Whyte is looking for you. His e-mail address is  <WhyteStrech@hotmail.com>



MARK or GUINIVERE WEARNE - British,  lived in Bogota, Colombia, South America. He left Knox between ’70 and ’72




Phillip Slosberg.
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