Good Afternoon All,
It is with much sadness that we advise of the passing of Douglas Clarke, of the New York Chapter. Please keep Douglas' family in your prayers during this asd time. As soon as more information is available, same will be communicated.

Sandra Simmonds
September 6th, 2010


Here are the funeral arrangements for Dougie.

Date: Friday Sept 10th

Location: Freeport Methodist Church

46 Pine St. Freeport, NY 11520.

Viewing: 4pm.

Service: 7pm.

Repast follows.

Submitted by Sonia Lewis Ferguson
KPSA Toronto Chapter


It is a sad day indeed. Douglas we a pillar of what Knox stands for and his dedication to Knox was unwavering. I had become friends with Douglas via the Internet over the years, with all of our communications regarding Knox, its history and past students. He was the "JBC of Knox". If I ever needed to know anything, regardless of when it happened at Knox, all I'd have to do was to ask Douglas. He seemed to know everyone who ever attended Knox and made many submissions to this website over the years. His passing comes as real shock to me, I had heard that he was ill, but I didn't realize how sick he was. His memory and love of Knox will live on in all that he has done for the school over the years.

Submittted by Jean Slosberg
September 6th, 2010.


Dear Knoxites,
It is with deepest regret that I share the passing of our class-mate, friend, Facebook peep, Douglas. Our prayers of comfort and strength go out to his immediate and extended families.

What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch. We may not understand why Doug left this earth so soon, or why he left before we were ready to say our good-byes, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that he has died, but that he lived a wonderful and meaningful life. We must remember that his life now gives us memories too beautiful to forget.

We will miss Douglas, Doug, St Mike, Dougie.

Submitted September 6th, by Sonia Lewis Ferguson
KPSA Toronto Chapter


Thank you, Sonia for voicing things so well. You are right. Soon enough, we will be able to embrace Dougie's life and not be so enveloped by his death. 
I've been reading some wonderful and eloquent things on FaceBook.  But all I can think, all I can type is: "walk good, Dougie.  Walk good".

Submitted by Anna Schlobohm De Cruder
September 7th, 2007


Anna: that so eloquent and so appropriate. 

Fellow members of the Knox community:

I only knew Douglas through his tireless efforts to keep us informed about all things “Knox”.  Douglas is an example of one person touching so many lives.  We are blessed by his life and memory.

Regards – Frances (Hamilton) Stewart ‘65
Submitted September 8th, 2010


I am extremely saddened by the passing of our dear Douglas.  Douglas and myself were classmates since primary school.  We went to Knox together, walked home together, laughed together , studied together and took care of our younger siblings together.   There are five members of his family that were classmates of five members of my family.  It seems that for every Clarke, there was a Harrison of the same age as a playmate.
My last memory of Douglas was at my home on my birthday May 23rd, last year (2009) when he and Ann Marie attended the pool party we had as a fundraiser for Knox.  They were late, because they had attended another important function.  Those of you who were still at the home that night will remember how we laughed, shared jokes and fond memories of our Knox experiences until the wee hours of the morning.  I am still shocked at his death, since I only heard that he was sick three days ago.  I have been left with a large void in my heart.  God however, had another plan for this great child of HIS.  Myself and my family grieve with all the Knox community, let us remain in prayer and encourage the Clarke family, Ann Marie and his children.
Dehlia Franklin (Harrison), Collin, Gianni, Shayhan and Ashni and  parents  Harry Harrison and Genevieve Harrison
Submitted by Dehlia on September 6th, 2010


Good afternoon all;

Bob Mullings passed away on Sunday Morning, September 5, 2010 He was battling with Cancer. Father of past knoxites, Michael Mullings, Richard Mullings, Andrew and Kerry Mullings?

Submitted by Sandra Simmonds
September 7th, 2010


Regrettably we advise of the passing of Mrs. Thelma Bent, wife of Co-Founder of the Citadel on the Hill, Mr. David Bent. Mrs. Bent was 98 years old.Please keep the Bent’s family in your prayers during this time.

Submitted by Sandra Simmonds, April 26th, 2010


Very sad news indeed. In many ways marking the near closing of an era. So many of these pioneers and pioneering educators have departed.

It is worth reflecting on how bold their vision was. It must have been difficult to envisage what evolved from their earliest encounters with that rocky hilltop that gave rise to Knox. I must also say on their behalf: They were able to embrace an ever-increasing number of children in a way that made them feel like family.  Receiving this news was almost like learning of the passing of an aunt.

Condolences to the family.
Submitted by Basil H. Smith, April 26th, 2010


It is with sadness that we advise of the passing of Mr. Patrickson Josephs, Choir Director, Information Technology and Electronic Data Processing and Management teacher at Knox College. Mr. Joseph passed on March 11th after a brief illness. 
Submitted by Sandra Simmonds March 11th, 2010


We wish to share the news of the recent passing of Mr. Dudley Philips at the age of ninety-three years and offer our condolences and support to the Philips Family.

Many of us will remember Mr. Philips as the father of fellow “Knoxites”, Grace (who taught briefly at Knox), Donovan (“Jackie”), Melanie, Susan and Andrew (“Andy”).  The Philips’ presence at Knox included Merle Philips, a Biology teacher at Knox during the 1960s and the mother of the Melanie, Susan and Andrew.

Mr. Philips held important positions in the Jamaican civil service, including the position of chief executive officer of the Christiana Area Land Authority which had its offices in Sedburg, Manchester.  While there he was able to provide heavy equipment for the construction of the swimming pool at Knox.  Many past students will remember removing and transporting stones for many years to be used in the construction of the pool.

May the soul of Mr. Philips rest in peace with God’s light shining perpetually on him!

Submitted by Floyd Graham February 28th, 2010


Dear friends,
It is with deep regret that I must inform you of the passing of a member of the Knox Community- Mrs. Gwendolyn Euphema Reid- past Prinicipal Of Knox Junior School. Mrs. Reid passed away peacefully on October 20 2009.
Gwen Reid was one of those dynamic , dedicated , illustrious educators who led by example and by love. She was very instrumental in the building of Knox Junior School during the 60s and the 70s. Her work and her vision was remembered and recognized some years ago when she was one of the women of Knox  honored at a Knox Alumni reunion in Florida.

Mrs. Gwen Reid will also be rememebred as an extremely devoted and loving mother and grandmother - not just to hers , but to extended her love to all children with whom she came in contact. So it was with her teaching. One did not have to have a seat in her classroom to learn from her and to be influienced by her dedication and her love.

The KPSA (NY) extends love and and prayers to the family and close freinds at this time.
Please see information below as provided by the family.
RIP - Mrs. Reid
Douglas Clarke

Gwendolyn Euphema Reid, Past Principal of Knox Junior School and Jamaican Educator for over 50 years, late of Galloway, New Jersey, U.S.A. passed away peacefully on October 20th, 2009 leaving children Elaine, Marlene, Boris “Bracton”, Jacinth, Maxine “Pixy”, Don “Peter” (Ingrid) and Michelle, 10 grand children, 2 great grand children; sister and brothers Merle (Lloyd), Clinton and Laurel and many other relatives and friends.  Viewing was held at Greenridge Funeral Home in Atlantic City, New Jersey on October 24, 2009. Thanksgiving service in Jamaica was held at St. Paul’s United Church, Montego Bay, October 31, 2009. A short service was held in Medina, Manchester on October 31, 2009 at the Medina Presbyterian Church with interment following in the church cemetery.  Funeral Directors: Madden’s Funeral Parlor.  

Submitted by Douglas D.Clarke, October 22 '09
Niti Servire Neque Cedere

Fellow Knoxites:

I just received this very sad and unexpected news; please circulate to everyone we might know. I remember Murray as a star track and field and soccer player for our alma mater as well as Webster House and then Murray House, I believe. He was a strong supporter of Knox and never refrained from expressing his gratitude for his years as a boarder at Knox. For those who might not recall, he was a native of Bermuda and attended Knox during the late '50's to early 1960's. May his soul rest and peace and may light perpetual shine upon him. Please remember him and his son/family in your prayers.

Submitted May26th, 2009


Dear All,

This is sad news indeed. Murray attended Knox at a time when the "foreign students" population was quite high. I remember him very well from back then and later on, in the late 1990's when he was involved in the package tours business, promoting group travel to Jamaican hotel properties. He obviously liked Jamaica and it was always a  delight to  chit-chat with him about his Knox days.
Join me please in praying this Irish Blessing upon him:
An Old Irish Blessing
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Gone too soon, but rest well our Knox brother.

Submitted by Dunbar McFarline, May 26th, 2009


I am particularly saddened by this devastating and shocking news. Just two weeks ago I communicated with Wallisfort and discussions about Murray were very prominent in our interchange. I would see Murray occasionally whenever he visited Jamaica, which he loved to do, and on every occasion we discussed our experiences at Knox and he had very vivid and fond memories of his contemporaries and his sojourn there. I cannot forget his escapades on the table tennis board where he was a true champion and leader.

It was a pleasure to have known Murray, he exemplified the attributes of an excellent student at Knox and a helpful, decent, and compassionate human being during his adult life. His sudden departure is a tremendous loss and he will be surely missed. Let us remember his young son, family and friends in our prayers.

Warmest Regards,
Hugh Cross
Submitted May 27th, 2009


The following article was published in The Royal Gazette in Bermuda

News Bermuda, Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Published: May 27. 2009, 08:50AM

By Clare O'Connor

Businessman Murray Brown dies aged 63

Businessman K. Murray Brown
Friends, family and colleagues of K. Murray Brown have paid
tribute to the entrepreneur and activist who died on Monday at the age of
Mr. Brown, a close confidante of Premier Dr. Ewart Brown, has
been remembered as a "quiet warrior": a successful businessman and social
justice advocate with a lifelong commitment to progressive politics.
As the first editor of the now-defunct Bermuda Times newspaper
in 1987, the owner of a charter flights company, co-founder of a health charity
and a prominent anti-apartheid campaigner, Mr. Brown's influence was felt across
many sectors.
Government race relations adviser Rolfe Commissiong described
the news of his death as a great shock to the community at large, adding that
his impact on the fight for racial equality in Bermuda will not be forgotten.
"The news of his death struck like a thunderbolt," said Mr.
Commissiong, who worked under Mr. Brown at the Bermuda Times. "I would
characterise him as a quiet warrior. He wasn't always demonstrative, but he had
a deep commitment to social justice."
A lifelong Progressive Labour Party supporter, Mr. Brown was a
"leading light" in the local anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s, organising
demonstrations and imploring Bermuda's Government and private sector to sever
links with South Africa.
"He raised consciousness in Bermuda about the evil of
apartheid," Mr. Commissiong said. "He, along with Glenn Fubler and Dr. Ronald
Lightbourne were the 'young Turks' of the anti-apartheid era.

"His organisation was robust, and formed part of the ongoing
struggle for social justice in Bermuda. His commitment never diminished."
Mr. Commissiong described Mr. Brown as a "pioneer" of the local
travel industry, who organised charter flights to Jamaica starting in the 1970s,
adding Cuba as a destination years later.
"He had an appreciation of Cuban culture," Mr. Commissiong
said. "He helped put Cuba on the map in terms of travel for Bermudians."
Local author and commentator Ira Philip remembers being a board
member at the Bermuda Broadcasting Commission when Mr. Brown was chairman, and
described him as "a colleague and good friend."
"He was a progressive, forward-thinking young man who had all
the characteristics of a gentleman and a scholar," Mr. Philip said. "He was also
conscious of his roots, being a grandson of the Bermuda Union of Teachers
founder Rev. Rufus Stovell. He was bred to play a part in the community."
Mr. Philip described Mr. Brown as a "good and creative" editor
of the Bermuda Times. "His record stands," he said.
Those closest to Mr. Brown will remember him as a gentle family
man with a calm demeanour.
"He was very family-oriented," said his older sister Norma
Cann. "He always wanted to arrange or be at family functions. He didn't take it
She added that her brother had left his mark on the local
community, both young and old – as evidenced by the phone calls of condolence
pouring in.
"He was known by the younger people as Uncle Murray," she said.
"He was known by more people than I could ever have imagined."
Mr. Commissiong said that his prevailing memory of Mr. Brown
will be as a campaigner for racial equality.
"My last conversation with him was the night of the Big
Conversation documentary," he said. "I felt so relieved when he gave me the
thumbs up outside the Liberty Theatre. When it came to those types of things,
his opinion mattered."
Mr. Brown has been described as "like a brother" to the
Premier, and worked alongside Dr. Brown and his two brothers Vincent Hollinsid
and Philip Butterfield to found the local Bermuda Health Foundation charity in
The group aims to provide financial support for Bermudian
students pursuing careers in the medical field.
"He was passionate about ensuring Bermudians got some
assistance for their education," Mr. Hollinsid told The Royal
He described Mr. Brown, a Howard University graduate, as "very
intelligent", adding: "He was quiet-mannered, a hard worker and a deep thinker.
I appreciate the time I spent with him."


We have just learned of the unfortunate and tragic passing of Mr. Hancel Jones, father of Mrs. Constance Malcolm, Principal of Knox Junior School.

Sonia Lewis Ferguson (Canada) and I spoke with her on separate occasions, and we assured her  that we feel her pain and sorrow as she mourns this senseless loss. We also reminded her that we will be in prayer. I ask the Knox family to keep Mrs. Malcolm and her family  in prayer as they go through these difficult times.

Mrs. Malcolm can be reached at if you wish to offer her your condolances.

Early Arrangements are indicated below :

Funeral will be next Saturday @ St. Barnabas Anglican Church, George's Plain, Westmoreland. ( time to be announced)

Submitted May 19th, 2009, by Douglas Clarke



Dear Knox family:
Rowan Carter , a dear and respected member of our Knox family, has transitioned into Glory.


Submitted by, Douglas Clarke March 28th, 2009
Niti servire , neque cedere

Funeral services for Rowan Carter:

Viewing will be on Friday, April 3rd - 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Fred Hunter Funeral Home
718 S. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone:  (954) 989-1550
(800) 940-1550

Funeral Service will be on Saturday, April 4th - 11:00 a.m.
St. Benedict's Episcopal Church
7801 N.W. 5th Street
Plantation, FL 33324

Repast will follow the service in the church hall.

The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Knox Development Fund.  Contact Douglas Clarke for more information.

Submitted by

Douglas Clarke
Submitted April 2nd, 2009


A Tribute to Rohan Carter:
He fought the fight , he finished the race .. Well Done Rowan

Rowan Carter came into the world, the second of five children to Sydney and Grace Carter , both educators . He along with his elder sister Dorothy attended Knox Junior school. Dorothy left him at Knox to continue to be a role model for his younger brothers and for countless Knoxites, who rememeber as a fine gentleman, a real nice guy or simply the ultimate role model.  His economics A level teacher , John Bool writing from the Isle of Man , remembered him  thus - “I well remember teaching Rowan Economics A Level! A very pleasant, reliable young man”  .

Those in Webster house loved to hold on to him and his athletic prowess in track and field and in soccer, but just as easily release him to the wider Knox community as he competed vigorously and fairly. Many remembered Rowan as dependable,and sometimes when the race was hard to run and the competition got tougher- Rowan would finish the race. He would push himself – not for himself but for his house and for his beloved Knox. And so, young men and women borrowed from his play book- the discipline and the fixity of purpose and the challenge, and thus making the race that much better.

When Rowan Carter was not training or running, he was the academic . He was a student for all ages – not just because he was born and schooled in schools (Knox and Holmwood) , but because he wanted to be an achiever and to set a standard for others to follow. Whilst his Dad served Holmwood as teacher and later Assistant Principal, and his mother working overtime as the Matron, Rowan was silently and modestly making his mark at Knox. From the Junior School through Ordinary Levels, through Advanced levels and,  then on to the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine in Trinidad. He wanted to fulfill his dream to be a builder. He was after all a builder all life –a builder of dreams that can be realized.

He became an engineer. He returned to his homeland where he worked and made a sterling contribution. But the world was for him to conquer- or to build. He migrated in 1979 to southern Florida. Rowan Carter , the civil engineer became a builder of bridges and roads in southern Florida. He recently headed a consulting firm that saw developments and at the Miami international Airport.

A family man , steeled in the old school tradition, he married the former Marcia Riley 32 years ago and the union produced three beautiful flowers – Nichola, Neal and Noel. He was a father, husband, the big brother. He continued his favorite   pastime of playing soccer – he was after all a competitive man with a fierce spirit that spoke volumes about character. That was Rowan- that was the legacy.

He also found time to be an integral part of Knox alumni association- he never really left that citadel built on rocks. And so with a number of Knoxites in south Florida, Rowan Carter worked to achieve success at his alma mater and to raise funds for various projects. He was always part of the group that reached out to honor those who served. His star is made in heaven and his work will be a lasting memory and example to others- not just Knoxites, but those who worked with him and played with him.

We miss Rowan, but we thank God that he passed this way. We pray for   love and peace and comfort for his loved ones. Walk good, stalwart !  Lead, Kindly Light.

Niti servire , neque cedere


We regret to announce the passing of Mr. Roney Hamilton of Christiana , father of Knoxites Garth and Veda(Bookall) and stepfather to Dr.  Hugar McNamee.Mr. Hamilton passed away this morning after a period of illness.
The Knox family sends condolences to the entire Hamilton family and we pray for heavenly comfort  and love at this time. Details will follow.

Submitted by Douglas Clarke, February 21st, 2009


Hundreds of people turned out to pay last respects and to celebrate the life of Nova Morris Walters, past student of Holmwood Technical High School and wife of Knoxite – Wendell Walters. Funeral services were  held at the Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church in Sunrise Florida.

Relatives include sister in law – Janet, cousins in law – Ewart,  Evon, Chris Walters, Sheryl Walters Malcolm.

If you would like to send words of encouragement and love the address is :

Wendell Walters
400 Bayberry Drive
Plantation FL, 33317.

The following message was sent to the family and was delivered by Knoxite and close family friend Mark Embden :

The entire Knox community mourns with you Wendell even as we celebrate the life of your beloved , your dear Nova. Although we may not be there physically ,we pray for you and we pray with you and the children. It is our hope and our fervent prayer that singing bands of angels will come to meet Nova and escort her safely across River Jordan. God takes care of his own , and he will be your guide and your mainstay. He will be the guide and the mainstay in the lives of the children . Hold on to the undying words of our Lord  when he said he will never us nor forsake us. We believe that mourning endures for a night, but Joy comes in the morning.

On a personal note , I remember working with Nova as camp counselors at Cobbla Camp in the 70s . Her love for children, her enthusiasm for life, her excellent interactive skills were evident from back then. This continued throughout her life. This is the legacy she left with us ; there are some of the memories we cherish.

 Submitted by Douglas Clarke, February 21st, 2009 Douglas Clarke, KAPS(NY)

Niti servire , neque


Kirk Rattray is sadly missed. Knoxite Kirk brother of Knoxite Yvonne Rattray passed away Sept. 2006.  Tribute to Kirk A Golden heart has stopped breathing Hard-working hands at rest. God broke our hearts To prove to us He only takes the best Love always from family and friends

Submitted August 7th, 2007


I am overcome with grief, with passing of my best friend Myrna Roberts. She was a cancer survivor, who fought other illnesses over the past few years,
but died in New York yesterday.

She and I shared the last 32 years, starting at Knox, where we met in 1975, then holidays as adults, raising children, juggling careers and family - experiencing life. I cannot remember two days going by without talking to her on the phone. My Christmas's, for more than 12 years, were spent with her and family in New York. We shared our lives completely and honestly. Good and bad. Her last visit with me was to attend the Knox Christmas Party at Leary Mullings' house in last December.   I'm blessed to have known true friendship through her!

Please lift up her teen-aged sons, Markus and Malik in your prayers.
Peace to you all,

Patricia Richards  Class of 1982
Submitted February 24th, 2007


Hello Everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know that today, Norma succumbed to the heart attack she  suffered last week. I await further update on the funeral arrangements. Your thoughts and prayers were deeply felt during her time of struggle.
Sonia KPSA Toronto Chapter
Submitted by Sonia Ferguson, December 12th, 2006


Hi Everyone,
For those of you who may not have heard, Molly Dacosta - Rhone former Knoxite and champion netballer, recently lost her brother. Molly, On behalf of the Knox Past Students Association (Toronto Chapter) we extend our sympathy. May the memories held deep within your heart, help to soothe your spirit.

Submitted by Sonia Ferguson, November 28th, 2006


Richard Crichton, who attended Knox from 1947 to 1953, and formerly of Montego Bay, has died November 2006.  I think he had two or three sons who also went to Knox.

Submitted by Sandra Dear, November 22nd, 2006


It is with much sadness that I advise of the death of Nelissa Jones.  Nelissa died last night at the University Hospital of the West Indies from complications with LUPUS. For those of us who are not aware, Nelissa is the daughter of Barbara and Leo Jones. Please pray for the family during this time of bereavement, and as soon as further details are available, communication will be made. Mrs. Barbara Jones' e-mail address is:

Submitted by Sandra Simmonds, October 18th, 2006


Good afternoon everyone;

Please see attached letter which was received from the Jones family, which they have asked to be circulated to the family of the Knox Past Students Association.

We ask that you continue to keep the Jones family in your Prayers during this time of bereavement.


Sandra Simmonds
Submitted November 3rd, 2006


Message from the Jones Family:

“ Peace, Perfect Peace ”

For: Knox Past Students Association:

The Jones family hereby formally thanks you for your expressions of condolences on the passing of our sibling and daughter.

Since Wednesday, October 18 th we have been trying our best to honour Nelisa's/Hilary's/Mrs. Giordano's expressed wishes. These wishes were for no formal gathering of persons. We have arranged for her final wishes to be carried out with her family and a small group of relatives and friends. We realize that many persons wish to bring some sort of closure to Neli's transition, and would like to be present, but we, those who remain, would not be able to sit with our sister and daughter to explain why we did not carry out her wishes. As such, we ask that you take the time to reflect on what is really most important in life - it is not your job, your wealth, your status, your clothes, your car, your material possessions…, but what is really most important is the relationship you have with people. We ask that you look at your relationships with persons in your life and in your organization, and make every effort to ensure that truth, trust and honesty prevail.

In looking at ways to help us through the days, weeks, months and years to come, we have focused on a project to which Neli devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy. She was driven to increase the awareness of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), and to improve the facilities available to dialysis patients at the Haemodialysis Unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies . In light of this, we have set up an account at RBTT Bank Jamaica Ltd to which donations can be made towards this cause. Persons wishing to assist in this regard can make their contributions to account number 0631010105291, which is hosted by the Tropical Plaza Branch. Mrs. BarbaraJones' e-mail address is:

Blessings & Peace Profound…

From the Jones Family

(Written, November 3rd, 2006)


We regret to inform you that Kirk Rattery passed away in September, 2006. He suffered a heart attack. Kurt graduated from Christiana Moravian Primary in 1987. Knox College 1992 and Knox Community College 1994. He will be missed by family and friends.

Submitted by Ava Tomlinson, September 11th, 2006


We have just been informed that Ms. Marjorie Johnson, formerly of Christiana and of Spaldings Public Health Clinic passed away after a period of illness.

The Knox family extends our love and our condolences to the family at this time. Our thoughts are with her children Arthureen Morrison, Sandra Mullings, Donald Morrison and Michael Gentles, who all attended Knox. Her grandson Peter Morrison is also a Knoxite.

Note: Michael was recently confirmed as the Postmaster General of Jamaica

Ms. Marjorie was honored some years ago by the Jamaican government for long and faithful service

Douglas Clarke

Niti servire neque cedere
Submitted September 28th, 2006


Mr. Jude Brown (Bro.Pas), father of Knoxites Maureen Brown, Howard Brown, June Brown and stepfather to Colville “Gullo” Smith passed away peacefully at the age of 91 years.

Mr. Brown lived in Cumberland , Clarendon and Banana Ground, Manchester, Jamaica before migrating to the United States .

Other immediate survivors include wife Jacinth, and other children Evet, Carl, Karen and Courtney.

The funeral services are as follows:

The viewing was held on Friday August 18 2006, 5:00 to 9:00pm at the All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle, in Queens NY

The funeral service will be at the same venue on Saturday morning at 9:00am

Say a prayer for the soul of the departed and for those bereaved.

Submitted by Douglas Clarke, KAPS (NY), August 17th, 2006


Condolences to Yulyn and Cheryl Chin on the passing of their father, Mr. Hue Hing Chin, late Justice of the Peace, business man, and proprietor of  Aenon Town, Clarendon.  'Misa' Chin died on Wednesday, July 26, and was buried on Friday, August 4, at the Aenon Town Anglican Church. 

Submitted by Jenese  A. Croasdale (Chicken), August 4th, 2006












Submitted by Sandra Simmonds, July 27th, 2006


Blondette Kong passed away from complications of breast cancer on July 20th. She will be missed by all who knew her. Her thanksgiving service will be held on Saturday July 29th at 11:00 a.m. at Websters Memorial Church.
July 28th, 2006

Bev Brooks wrote the following about Blondette:
This is so sad, see guys that is why we need our reunions,  Blondette was from the class of 1969.  She was such a nice person and was so bright.  I can remember her now so in love with Youth.  Lets all keep in touch
July 27th, 206

Message from Bryan, Julette, Adrian & Nicholas Carter to everyone who helped them during a very difficult time:

Perhaps you sent a lovely card,
Or sat upon a chair,
Perhaps you sent us beautiful flowers;
If so, we saw them there.
Perhaps you sent a gift, you baked or brought us food,
You served or cleaned;
Throughout it all, it was on you we leaned.
Perhaps you spoke the kindest words
That any friend could say,
Perhaps you were not there at all,
Just thought of us one day.
Whatever you did to console our hearts,
We thank you so much,
Whatever your part.
The family of Julian Carter is grateful to God
for his seventeen years of life, for your love and friendship,
for your contributions to Julian's memorial scholarship fund,
your gifts, kindness, and prayers.

God bless each of you,

Bryan, Julette, Adrian & Nicholas Carter

Julette (Julie) Carter

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

-- Johann Goethe

Submitted July 17th, 2006


Hey Guys,

I would just like to inform you of the passing of Patricia Markland.  Patricia passed away peacefully this evening in her sleep.  Thanks to all of you who responded to my email about assistance for Patricia.  A lot of you I know were questioning the request.......well it is not too late to help. 

We have a BBQ planned in her honour for July 29, 2006.  Tickets are ready and are being sold as we speak.  We are still going ahead with our plans.  It will be held in Christiana at the Case's residence.  This fund will no longer go towards her medication but to the family to assist with Final arrangements.  Please give the family all your support.  Contribution for the BBQ is $500.00.

If you are unable to make it, show your support by contributing what you have.  Funds can be deposited to BNS a/c # 9393, Patricia Markland, Cross Roads Branch. I can be contacted at

As soon as funeral arrangements are made I will let you know.   Thanks again for your time and remember to take some time to talk to friends and loved ones, you'll never know how important they are to you until they are gone. 

May God Bless you All.

Submitted July 5th, 2006



Sat, July 8 at 10:30 AM at the Kendall Camp and Conference Center

( a mile from Kirkvine & the Pick – a- Pepper factory) in Manchester .  

Mrs. Embden lived a full life with complete dedication to Jesus Christ. She was loved and she will be greatly missed. He son Mark said it all-" we will mourn her passing, but not as those you have no hope". Mrs. Embden was an example of that hope provided by God, and her children and grand children and other relatives and friends will now hold strongly on to that heavenly hope.

May her soul rest in peace.

(Children: Dawn (Pauline) Sharon, Donovan, Mark, Paulette (Cole), niece Lavern.)- all Knoxites

Douglas Clarke
Submitted by Douglas Clark, June 29th, 2006


Other Knoxite relatives are Dawn, Charles & Faith Embden (siblings of Lavern), Clayton Donaldson (nephew), & also Phillip & Lance Henry (cousins).  It would be a pleasure to see any Knoxites that can make it.  
Below is an article that was written recently honoring her for International Women's Day.
Submitted June 29th, 2006

MURIEL – The Community Mother
Rose Dewar

Nestled in the hills of North Manchester in a small district called Hibernia is a beautiful home.  In this home lingers a ‘sweet' soul and woman of God, a community mother – Mrs. Muriel Embden. This district and surrounding communities have been made wealthier with the arrival of this ‘blessed' lady.

Muriel came to the area in 1949, some 57 years ago, as a young teacher to fill a position at the then Bethany Elementary School in an adjoining community.  Sometime between then and 1951, Cupid shot his bow straight to her heart and she married Allan Embden on December 26, 1951.  She has lived at her present location since that time.

She gave her husband of 43 years, four biological children and they adopted two others. But, at all times there were many more than six children in that home, as there were always school children, district children, and Sunday school children there. Many parties and picnics have been held in her house and on her beautifully landscaped lawns. They kept coming and she didn't seemed to care whether her husband wanted them there or not.

She speaks of her husband, now deceased, in glowing terms.  “My husband was very romantic.  Those birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts, they were extraordinary!” she said.  

A loving, caring wife, mother, teacher, church woman, and a community mother, Miss Muriel finds time for everyone and still has time for her gardens – flowers and vegetables.  Like Mother Theresa, her name is a household one and her deeds of love and kindness are immeasurable.

She spends so much time baking delicacies, making soups and porridge, and packaging stuff for communal missions that one wonders how she finds time for her personal businesses and still does her gardening.

This ‘woman of God' serves on the board of directors at her church, is the PRO and treasurer, Sunday school teacher, Deaconess and the Area Director for seven other congregations of her church in North Manchester.  What a woman!  Now retired, the only thing missing from her schedule is the classroom teaching.  Everything else is intact.

‘Missions' is her ‘calling'. Now 70-odd years old, she is as ‘nimble as a kitten'. She writes Citations for many occasions, remembrances and eulogies for numerous funerals, and even sings at some of these funerals.  Her warmth and affection are infectious and her smile very captivating.

Says Miss Muriel, “It's the work of the Lord. It is not my way but His. I'm His vessel and I don't want to be found short.”  She continues to serve and is indeed, a blessing to her community, and by large, her country.






Submitted by Sandra Simmonds, May 30th, 2006


It is with regret that I have to advise of the death of Ruby Lewis this morning, April 25th, 2006. Ruby is the sister of Sonia Lewis-Ferguson, president of the Toronto Chapter of KPSA.
Please keep Sonia and the rest of her family in your prayers during this time of bereavement.
Sandra Simmonds
Submitted April '06


Hi All,
Just to also bring to your attention that Mrs. Enid Lewis mother of Knoxites Heather-Dawn, Peter, Charmaine, Suzan and George  passed away on
Saturday April 8, 2006, and the funeral was held in Florida on Saturday April 15th.
The family originally lived in May Pen Clarendon and also includes Dr. Patrick Lewis who was not fortunate enough to have attended Knox.
Please remember to keep them in your prayers.
Best Regards
Patrick Duncan
Submitted April, 2006


Hi Everyone,
The funeral was well attended and the support from family, friends and well-wishers was tremendous. Among the representation from Knox and the extended community were Heather Hogarth and family, Maxine and Dian Clarke, myself and my mother - Linette Duncan, and others I'm too young to remember (smile).  Mrs. Lewis is originally from the Blue Mountain area close to Walderston and began her schooling at we know why the prestigeous Knox College was chosen for most of her precious ones......, other persons from Chudleigh, Spaldings and Clarendon attended. The children and their families are extremely pained by her passing and would appreciate continuing to receive your support. 
Regards, Sandra (Duncan).
Submitted April '06


We have been informed that Diana Blake, class of 1973 lost her Mom recently. Details of final arrangements are not finalized, but a wake is planned for Wednesday night in Jamaica , Queens .  I will inform you of more details as soon as I receive it.

Our love and prayers go to Diana and family at this difficult time.

Douglas Clarke
Submitted June 12th, 2006


Sad news again.  Errol Lewis died this morning.  Errol is Eda's (Eda Peart 1972) husband who died five years ago.  Please keep the family in your
prayers.  I will keep you posted of any arrangements.

Submitted by
Bryan and Julie Carter
Feb 28th, 2006



Monday, March 6th:  Viewing at 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Gregory Levett Funeral Home

4347 Flat Shoals Pkwy.
Decatur, GA 30034
(404) 241-5656

Tuesday, March 7th:  Funeral Service at 11:00 a.m.

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

4650 Flat Shoals Pkwy
Decatur, GA 30034-5000 
(404) 243-5020


We are sorry to announce the passing Renee Christine Witter nee Williams. She died on December 1st, 2005 in a tragic motor accident. She attended Knox from September 1988 through July 1993. She went on the West Indies College where she earned an Associate degree in Business Administration. At the time of her death she was married to Courtney and had two beautiful children Nicholai and Paige. She was 29 years old. Renee was niece to Knox past students Sharon Chung and Angelita Williams. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Submitted December 29th, 2005.






Submitted by Sandra Simminds, November 18th, 2005






Submitted by Sandra Simmonds
KPSA, Jamaica
October 19th, 2005


The funeral service for Father Mac will be held at Spalding United Church this Saturday, Oct 22 at 1:00 pm despite rainy weather.
Submitted October 20th, 2005


I was just reading today's Gleaner and being an avid reader of the obits, I couldn't help myself.  Imagine my surprise when I read of the passing of a fellow Knoxite (class of '93) Raja Barrett.  He died on May 25 in a motor vehicle accident on the Melrose bypass in Manchester. Anyone knowing Raja would remember him as a really jovial person, involved in sports at our alma mater.  I am deeply saddened at this loss of one so young and am reminded that really, death is not at all partial. Condolences to his children, mother Margarita Barrett and surviving friends and family.

Submitted by Travia Stewart
June 20th, 2005


Knox family:

Please note the final arrangements for fellow Knoxite, Audley Freckleton:

Time    :  9:00 AM Saturday
Where: East End Funeral Home (718 231 8737)
Address: 725 East Gun Hill Road (between White Plains Road and Holland Ave )
Bronx , NY

“Frecks” will long be remembered as a man with humor – plenty to spare. He was full of life and fun  with his unique style. The fun and the zest for living were contagious and magnetic. Those who came in contact with him at Knox will remember these memorable, unique qualities. Audley was also a scholar – that too was contagious. He was an ambitious fellow who was grounded by his own humility and sincerity.

He will be missed.

May his soul rest in peace.

We once again express our sincere condolences to the family and close friends of our dear departed brother.


Submitted June 16th, 2005


The Freckleton Family wishes to express sincere thanks to the members of the Knox family who supported us during our recent bereavement. Special thanks to Doween Robinson , Roy Lacey and Michael Salmon.

Marie Freckleton
Submitted June 20th, 2005



On my second day at Knox I hurried to my homeroom as soon as the bus arrived on campus and saw this student peering through the window.  This student was Freckleton and apparently like me, he had left his brand new school bag in the classroom after all the excitement of our first day at high school.

While trying to figure out how we could get the bags before classes started, an upper-class student came and asked what two "grubs" were doing there.  After we explained he asked if we wanted them and naively we said yes only to have him grab Audley and throw him against the door!!  Well Freckleton would not go for this and they started to fight!!  That was when I knew that even though he would not bother you, being a humble and quite person by nature, he most certainly would defend himself!!

From that day day on we became very good friends, spending a lot of time together, sharing the same classes and eventually the same courses when we got to make choices as senior students.  Together at one time, we were the only two students in the Chaplain's photo club - taking some very memorable photos at Knox!!

After I left for University we corresponded for quite sometime but then this eventually ceased and until the funeral I have not been in his presence or seen him since I left Knox. Next week will be 31 years!! On the last occasion of which I inquired about him I was told that he was living in the Mid-West.  As such it is quite unfortunate that in the end we were living in the same city yet did not get to meet.  Had I not seen the photos at the funeral I would not have had an idea of what Freckleton looked like as an adult.

This however is not all bad since I will now always remember him as the baby-faced boy with the big afro, and a love for the girls, things scientific and photographic!!  May he now Rest in Peace and enjoy the Peace that Passeth All Understanding.

Walk Good Audley,

Ronald (Jeff) McLean, BDS , MD
Submitted June 19th, 2005


Hello Knox family,

We have just learned of the passing of Mrs. Hazel Sinclair, mother of Mrs. Pauline Sinclair Scott, who is the wife of the former Principal of Knox
College, Mr. George Scott. Mrs. Scott is also  a former student and former staff member.

Details are not immediately available. Mrs. Sinclair was a long time of resident of Christiana, Jamaica. She was living in central Connecticut, USA
for several years now under the care of Mr. and Mrs. Scott and her grandchildren.

Several family members from Knox and Christiana as well as the entire Knox family mourn the loss.

May her soul rest in peace.

Submitted by DOUGLAS CLARKE -NY April 10, 2005

Blossom Saunders- NY

"Niti Servire, Neque Cedere


The funeral arrangements for Mrs. Hazel Sinclair ,formerly of Christiana and more recently of Windsor, Ct., will take place as follows:

WAKE:  Friday April 15 ,2005 at the Carmon Funeral Home, 807 Bloomfield Ave., Windsor Ct, at 7:00pm

FUNERAL:   Saturday, April 16 2005 at 10:00am at St. Monica's Church , 31 Mather Ave., Hartford Ct.

We again extend heartfelt condolences and our love to the Sinclair/Scott families on the passing on an elder stateswoman of the Knox community.

If you are unable to attend the wake or the funeral , but would like to send a personal message to Mr. or Mrs. Scott, please email me for the mailing

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."

Submitted by DOUGLAS CLARKE, April 14th, 2005

"Niti Servire, Neque Cedere


Death Announcement: Mrs. Beryl Jones

It is with profound sorrow that we inform you that our mother, Mrs. Beryl Jones, passed away on Saturday, May 14, 2005.
Mrs. Jones was the wife of Mr. Errol Jones (deceased); She was the mother of ten children; Errol Rose, Dane Rose, Harold
Jones,Valton Jones, Marlene Jones, Juliet Jones (All Knoxites), Donald Jones (D.C.), Zena Jones (Holmwood), Sean Jones and Alicia Jones,
grandmother of many, a mentor and guide to thousands during her teaching career.

A graduate of Mico Teachers College (class of 54),she taught at Tweedside Primary, Christiana Secondary, Holmwood before migrating to the USA, in 1980, where she taught at St. Thomas Aquinas untill her retirement in 2000. After retiring she still worked as a substitute teacher untill 2003.
Her teaching career spanned approximately 50 years.

This great lady always put the needs of others ahead of her own.

Written by her loving sons, daughters, and grandchildren of Mrs. Beryl Jones

Submitted by Douglas Clarke
May 20th, 2005


Colin Ball, elder brother of Knoxites - Ludlow (Lennox) and of Greta (Grace), passed away suddenly in Jamaica, West Indies. Colin was the first child to the late Kenneth and Una Ball of Ritchies, Clarendon Jamaica. He set the pace for others to follow and very often was a father figure.

We extend to the Balls our sincere condolences and love at this time.

Also mourning the loss are his 4 children, other brothers, sisters ,nieces, nephews, grandchildren. Other relatives include cousins - Valerie, Douglas, Maxine, Dionne and Dahlia Clarke.

Funeral services will be held in Old Harbor, Jamaica. Among the preachers at the service will be Rev. Roger Ball, son of Colin and Pastor/Founder of the Family Worship Center in Yonkers, New York.

Submitted by Douglas Clarke, April 4th, 2005


I just learned of the passing of the great Miss Binning. Please accept our belated and deep condolences. Even though this event happened some months ago, I am sure there are several of us who sadly, did not know.

Miss Binning was to us the teacher of teachers - whether it is geography or swimming- or just teaching us how to smile beautifully. She was your beloved
aunt, but generations of Knox students also claimed her as a beloved aunt.

Again accept our love and belated condolences.

Douglas Clarke (KAPS-NY)
Blossom Saunders

"Niti servire neque cedere"
Submitted March 12th, 2005

The original message about Miss Binning is listed below and dated November 11th, 2004.


And so say all of us. Interestingly, my last memory of her, is seeing her and Mama D (Mrs. Davidson) sitting in the same chair in the lobby area of the Jamaica Grande, in 1997 at the Knox 50 celebrations. And to think that they are now able to be together again. Bet the Staff Meetings "up there" will be richer.
May her soul rest in peace

Dunbar McFarlane
Submitted March 12th, 2005


Condolences to Shirley Campbell and family. The Campbells lost their uncle- Joe- who was their father's last remaining brother. Uncle Joe passed away
recently at the grand old age of 98 years old. He was a grand old man full of humor and strong independence even up to the time of his passing.

May his soul rest in God's eternal peace.


"Niti Servire, Neque Cedere
Submitted March 12th, 2005



Viewing for Former Knox College student Robert Gosley, brother of Veronica,
Michael, Vonnette will take place at the Panciera Memorial Home 4200 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, Florida 33201 (Tel. 954 989 9900) on Friday March 11, 2005 from
7:00 to 10:00 pm.

The Funeral service will take place at the Trinity Lutheran Church,7150
Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, Florida at 11:00 am on Saturday March 12, 2005.

Interment (immediately after service): Hollywood Memorial Gardens corner of
Taft St. and 441 (Fred Hunter).



One thing we can say about Robert- he loved life and he loved living. He
loved life not just for himself, but he spread joy and love to family
members and friends and to the Knox family with whom he came in contact.

As a child, he loved to play cards and just about anything. Robert would get
into trouble and mischief, largely because he was so full of action and had
a great penchant for fun and games. This would rub off on the people around

Fleet of foot and blessed with an enviable enthusiasm, Robert can be also
remembered as a valuable member of Webster House track and field team at
Knox College. The enthusiasm and that childhood, childlike love for fun
never waned, even when he became ill some years ago.

Would he miss a concert, a play, a party - a House Party? No way. As a
matter of fact, when he heard of the Knox 57th anniversary celebrations last
summer, his immediate response was "Mi nah miss that". This was an absolute
thrill for him to see old friends and recall those seemingly endless days at
Knox, Spalding and Christiana.

He was a man who loved family - fiercely. He all but adopted his nieces and
nephews - who will miss him and his humor. He loved and loved well. He had
so much love and positive attitude to spread far and near.

So as family and friends say "Walk Good", they do so knowing his remarkable
impact and influence will be remembered in their lives.

Rest in peace and "Niti, Servire, Neque Cedere"

Douglas Clarke

Blossom Saunders
March 7th, 2005


Hello Knox family,
It is with deep regret that I must inform you of the passing of Robert Gosley, former student of Knox College and brother of Knoxites, Michael,Veronica (Mrs. Baker), and Vonnette (Mrs. Douglas). Robert made the transition this morning at his home in Florida, USA. As further information become available, we will pass it on. The Knox family extends to the Gosleys and extended family our deepest condolences and sincere love and we ask that you say a prayer for them.
Douglas Clarke
Blossom Saunders
"niti , servire, neque cedere"
Submitted by Douglas Clarke March 2nd, 2005


Some of you may already have heard of the passing of Suzanne Fox in Toronto last Saturday.  Her funeral will be this Saturday on what would have been
her 54th birthday.  Suzanne had been suffering from lung cancer.  Remember her mother, Nurse Fox?  She had been with Suzanne in Canada for some time
prior to her passing.

Also Mrs Joyce Thomas, who many of us will remember on the Knox bus on the Coleyville route.  She was the prime voice of authority on that bus; either
with a "look" which was sometimes all it took!  Some will remember Mrs Thomas teaching in the Commercial Department.  Her husband, Rev Clement
Thomas was at Bryce Church and he still lives in Kingston.

Submitted by Helen, January 19th, 2005


Regretfully, I must inform the Knox Community that Mr. Ferron Boothe,Sr., father of Knoxites- Maxine, Patricia and Ferron, Jr. passed away on Friday December 10 2004 after a brief illness.

The Knox community expresses our heartfelt condolences and our love the the Boothes in this time. We urge you to be strong in this time and to remember that the Lord takes care of his own.

Love always,

(The Boothes hail from Hope Village, Williamsfield, Manchester)

Submitted by, Douglas Clarke PR Officer, KAPS (NY) December 12th, 2004

Blossom Saunders , President



It is with regret that we advise of the death of Winston Hayden's mother. Anyone in touch with him, please express deepest sympathies from the Knox
Past Students Association, also please get some contact information and pass to me, so that we can be kept abreast of arrangements.

Please remember the family in your prayers.

Sandra Simmonds

Submitted November 22nd, 2004


It is with deep regret that I am confirming that Neil Anthony "Tony" Miller, former student of Knox College and former resident of Spaldings, has passed away. Neil passed away suddenly in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania where he lived. Details of his passing or funeral arrangements are not yet available, but I will pass on the information as I get it.

Neil is survived by his wife, one child and brothers: Barry, Michael (Rev. Dr. Michael Miller), Owen (Rev.) parents Ansome, and Edna.

(Rev. Dr.Michael Miller once pastured the Hope United Church , in Jamaica )

(Mrs. Edna Miller taught at the Spaldings Primary school for several decades before she became the Principal. Many of her students went from her classroom and eventually to Knox (including yours truly).  She later taught at Knox Junior School .)

Please say a prayer for the Miller family. May his soul rest in God's eternal peace.

Douglas Clarke PR Officer , KAPS- NY
Blossom Saunders , President
Submitted November 14th, 2004


My sad news is of the passing away of my aunt, Margaret Binning who taught at Knox from 1958 to 1965, English to Class 8 and 9, Geography to Classes 9, 10 and 11, and Religious Education as well as having responsibility for a girls' hostel.  She also revelled in finding out, first hand about the "Wonderful country of Jamaica and its people".  This included the underwater world that was so spectacular, and she continued to dive until her 70s and swim till mid 80s - and to help teach others so they could also enjoy the marvels of marine life.  After returning to UK and teaching until retirement in 1973, she returned to Knox to teach Geography for another couple of years, from 1974 to 1977 - and to the Reunion in 1997.  She continued an active and busy retirement, with many activities based around the local church as well as swimming, sub-aqua, yoga, walking, and presenting illustrated talks about her travels and the wonders of the world and its Creator.

Her memory had been a problem for a few years, and about two years ago she moved into a residential home.  Unfortunately last November she fell and broke her left hip and life became more of a struggle, with increasing frailty.  She moved to a nursing home for extra care in June, and even when very frail, was courteous, thoughtful of others, and had a smile of welcome for one and all.
She slipped away in her sleep, in a loving and peaceful place aged 93.  She will be very much missed.

Submitted by Alison Wakeman, , November 11th, 2004


Hey guys

I am just letting you guys know that i lost my father Hudson Hall on October 18 under tragic circumstances.  He was a past student of Knox and was in the graduating class of '66. He catered for the Sunday bbq for the last reunion. A memorial is being planned in Florida soon, I'll send the details as soon as we have made final arrangements. My 2 sisters will be coming up for this. The body will then come to Jamaica for another service.  Please keep us in your prayers and I'll keep you updated. 
My sisters are Etvern Hall-Daley (class of 91-92) and Lisa Hall (class of 95).  I was from the 93 class - Sharline Hall-Howell.

Talk to u soon.
Sharline Hall-Howell



I have just been informed that plans are being made for a memorial service for Mrs. Jean Davidson.

The Knox Principals and Mrs. Gloria Swaby, former principal met and it was agreed that the service will be held on Sunday, October 31 , 2004 at the Spalding United Church , where Mrs. Davison worshipped for about 30 years.

The sermon will be preached by the Reverend Dr. Roderick Hewitt, Moderator of the United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman and Scotland. Rev. Dr. Hewitt is a past student of Knox College.

Please save this date. If there is anyone or any chapter who would like to send any messages (or representative) please contact me as soon as possible.

As plans develop, you will be informed.

In the meantime, one of the mourners at the memorial service in Scotland was Mr. Malcolm Porteous, former Music teacher at Knox in the 60s.

"Knox College aims to equip boys and girls, and men and women, with the training, knowledge technique and character that will fit them to live well
themselves, and to contribute to the development of the country. The essence of the plan IS TO MEET THE EDUCATIONAL NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE, whatever those needs may be."
The above quotation appeared in the souvenir program of the official opening of Knox College in September 1947.

Douglas Clarke
Culture for Service, Service for Humanity
Submitted October 10th, 2004


It was decided this morning at a meeting with the three Principals and Mrs. Swaby that the memorial service for the late Mrs. Davidson will be held on Sunday, October 31st at 10 a.m. at the Spalding United Church. The sermon will be preached by the Rev. Dr. Roderick Hewitt, Moderator of the United Church in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Scotland. Mrs. Swaby is anxious to pass the message on to the the KPSA especially Sandra Simmonds, Errol Lee, Dunbar McFarlane etc. Also, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Swaby are working on "the early years" and would like the input of some of the older students of the High School from the 50's and 60's with this aspect of the memorial service.
Please contact Julie Abrikian if you could like to have some input into the service for Mrs. Davidson. Julie's address is: Julie Reid Abrikian
Submitted, October 10th, 2004


It is with deep regret that I must announce the passing of our very dear Jean Davidson- widow of co-founder Rev. Dr. Lewis Davidson. Mrs. Davidson passed away peacefully in Scotland on September 22, 2004 after a summer of illness. Mrs. D was in her 93rd year.

Mrs. Davidson started life in Shanghai , China . She and her family lived there till she was twelve years old. The family then returned to the Tweedsmuir country area of Scotland.

Moms D  met and married Lewis Davidson in July 1939. Soon after, they set sail for Jamaica, West Indies and one of the first persons they met was L. St. E. Jones , the head boy of Wolmers Boys School. There the Knox story began.

Mrs. Davidson was a strong and oftentimes gentle and faithful support of her husband's efforts to establish a school where it was once thought was a mere "bird bush". She immersed herself in the life of rural Jamaica, in addition to her dedication to Knox College. She was an ardent member of the Spaldings (Presbyterian) United Church, and would represent the church at the annual synods. In addition, her work in the Women's Guild, the choir, the Spalding Choral Society (under the direction of Malcolm Porteous) will not be forgotten.

Long before JAMAL, Jean Davidson and her husband Lewis helped to spearhead efforts to improve literacy among the rural folk. To this end, they worked closely with Dr. Frank Laubach , a leader in the World Literacy Movement. The town of Highgate in St . Mary was to benefit from her untiring and voluntary efforts, before Knox was established.

The famous Knox summer schools owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude. Some programs of the extra - mural studies Department of the University of the West Indies were patterned off the Knox summer school formula.

Mrs. Davidson was also a charming and pleasant hostess. She had a welcoming smile not just for Knox students, but for the countless visitors who would trek to the citadel built on rocks- including Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice , the Countess of Athlone who would visit Knox annually.

Jean Davidson will long be remembered. Mourners include children Duncan and Heather (Berry), who were among the first dozen or so students at Knox and granddaughter Gina - a past winner of the Lewis Davidson award for Excellence

Submitted by Douglas Clarke PR Officer , KAPS, September 23rd, 2204
Blossom Saunders, President


This message is dedicated to Duncan and Heather Davidson and their respective families. Your mother was the epitome of grace, courage and gentleness; yet she was strong because she cared enough to be a magnificent star of light at Knox. I will always remember her caring  words of encouragement, 43 years ago, when I was a young girl; away from home; in a foreign land. I was scared and worried to be so far away from my doting parents; she sensed my dilemma; one day she beckoned me and made me feel that she cared and told me never to hesitate to ask for help.She assured me that she would be there for me as long as I needed to share my thoughts with her. Her gentleness made me feel safe. After a brief chat with her, I knew instantly that I had a friend in a place which was to me very foreign. She didn't speak a word of French to me, and my English was very limited but language was not a problem. I understood what she meant; her lovely soul shone like a beacon of light and I knew, in my heart that MAMAN D was a human angel of some sort.

The Lord have blessed her in return for being what he intended her to be and I am sure that she made her last journey surrounded by a loving family. I told my children about MAMAN D and her knight of shining armor PAPA D and I will  always be grateful to the kindness that she shared with me when I was growing up at Knox. May we all Knoxites celebrate her life with joy; knowing that she will meet with us all; in Paradise when the trumpet sounds for the Assembly of God. Hugs from afar from the Petion/Stevenson family.

Submitted by Lylia Petion Stevenson, September 23rd, 2004


Hi All,
I remember well the gentleness, kindness and charm of Mrs. Davidson. My prayers are with Duncan, Heather and family as well as the entire Knox
family of that era when she was active at Knox. I remember well the teas served so graciously when student groups were invited to chat with Pops.
She, like Pops, will live on in our memories.
Beryl Brown-Allen
Submitted September 24th, 2004

Hi All,
I remember well the gentleness, kindness and charm of Mrs. Davidson. My prayers are with Duncan, Heather and family as well as the entire Knox family of that era when she was active at Knox. I remember well the teas served so graciously when student groups were invited to chat with Pops. She, like Pops, will live on in our memories.
Submitted by Beryl Brown-Allen, September 24th, 2004


y mother died peacefully yesterday (September 22nd ).

We can now start to celebrate her full and active life, her interest in others, her optimistic attitude and the variety of activities that she undertook. We recall in particular the major life work in participating so fully in the creation of Knox. She 93 years old.

We are having a Memorial service ion Monday 27 th in Tweedsmuir Kirk, the small bright cheerful Church in which she worshipped in recent years.


Duncan Davidson


Good morning all,
Heard on the radio this morning that one of the footballers who died coming from the match Ja vs Panama,Allan Dexter is a past student of Knox. Can someone verify this?

Gregory Tomlinson


Dear Colleagues
Such a tragedy ! I happen to know his parents, from my working stint in The friendly City, especially his father, Ted.
Fine people; my heart goes out to the bereaved family. The encomiums on Allan make good reading, and it is clear that the local football fraternity has been severely hit. While Allan is remembered as a former Dacosta Cup footballer from Knox, one of the other three persons who perished in the car crash that claimed his life was a former national player. For the benefit of
colleagues outside Jamaica, the victims were returning to Mobay from Kingston on their way from a football match between Jamaica and Panama. I will send a condolence card to the Dexter family on behalf of KPSA.
Keep the faith.
Dunbar McFarlane
Submitted September 18th, 2004


Mr. Earl "Earlie" Powell, formerly of Coleyville and Mandeville, Manchester Jamaica and more recently of Roosevelt, Long Island New York, passed away On February 26, 2004, after a long illness. Mr . Powell is the father of Knoxites Samonie Powell - Lewis and Deano Powell. Funeral services for Mr. Powell will be held at the Hempstead Seventh Day Adventist Church, (Long Island) on Monday March 1 2004 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm Viewing is from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The Knox family extends to the Powell / Lewis / Smith families our deepest condolences and we pray that God in his infinite power and mercy will comfort and guide during this period. "Joy cometh in the morning".
Submitted by, Douglas Clarke, PR Officer, KAPS(NY) Blossom Saunders , President. February 29th, 2004


Yesterday, was the funeral service for our classmate/schoolmate.  It was easily the best funeral I have ever been to - if a funeral can be that!  It was held at the Zorn Moravian Church in Christiana. Cheryl, being a wonderful singer - I am sure you must remember her singing at devotion, the Knox Choir, concerts etc.  Her service radiated that about her - it was truly a celebration in song.  We all felt as if we were at a concert - songs and songs.  Tributes from friends from Zorn Primary School, Knox High School, CAST, and her workplace - ICD Group of Companies.  There was poetry as they said she loved music but she also loved variety.  It was amazing to see the amount of lives she touched and the wonderful, truthful things they all had to say about her kindness and caring personality. Martin Taylor - pardon me - Dr. Martin Taylor gave his rememberance about .... the Cheryl I know..... Martin said he learnt from Cheryl's passing this - "Say it in life." A fragment of the Knox Choir did a song they did over 20 years ago wih Cheryl - guided of course by our old music teacher - Mrs. Angella Elliott - for all those who sang on the Knox Choir. Her brother - Cline spoke as well, Maise her younger sister sang and Lois was in the background organising them all! There was no burial as she will be cremated at a later date. Afterwards, it was surprising to see the turn out of all the Knox people - mostly everyone kept saying "We shouldn't wait on times like these to see each other."  This has been my belief for years - that is why I always TRY to encourage you all to attend reunions as funerals are too sad to meet old friends. Here is a list of the people I saw from Knox; Martin, Taylor, Richard Hines, Gwen Jones, Robert Pairman, Cressida Robertson, Lineth Turner, Deanna Sinclair, Anne-Marie Ashmeade, Judith Tyme, Olewali Adedipe, Karen Brown, Valita Brown, Yvonne Hosang, Andrea Arscott, Patrick Duncan, Sandra Duncan, Michael Jones, Sandra Simmonds, Andrea Collins, Paulette Williams and Donna Wint. Dear Cheryl you brought all these old friends together through your death - May your soul rest in peace.
Submitted by Rosie Chen, February 19th, 2004


The funeral service for Les Graham will be held on Saturday February 21st, 2004 at Spalding United Church, commencing at 2:00 p.m.
Submitted by Sandra Simmonds, February 18th, 2004.


Dear Karl , Kenny , Mrs. Graham,
On behalf of the Knox Association of Past Students (NY) please accept or deepest condolences  on the sudden passing of your father/ husband Les. We know this is a difficult time for all, and we would like you to know that we are praying that God will comfort and guide you all during this period. Mass Les will  be specially remembered by hundreds of Knox students who traveled to and from school on one of the Graham Transport buses. Students from South Trelawny, Mandeville, Walderston/ Devon, Christiana and nearby districts would have a very difficult time if this service was not available. We will always remember him as a man of few words , but a a warm and loving personality, with an ever present smile. His love extended beyond the school children and he will be missed. Please convey our sympathies to his cousin, Knox alumna, Norma Graham Sang and to other family members- Joan Jarret Webb, Eddie Webb, Fern Francis and others. Accept our love from Knoxites all over the globe, and from members of the extended Spaldings Community. Douglas Clarke , PR Officer KAPS (NY) Blossom Saunders , President (KAPS -NY note: Widow, Mrs. Cislyn Graham is also a Knox alumna).

Submitted by Douglas Clarke, February 14th, 2004


The funeral services for my Dad will be held on Saturday, Feb 21, 2004 at the Spaldings United Church.
The service will begin at 3:30pm.

Submitted by Karl Graham, Febuary 9th, 2004


I have been asked to pass on the following information to the Knox family:

The " the face of Death", for Knox past student Cheryl Dawes will be held at Zorn Moravian Church at 2:00pm on Wednesday February 18, 2004.

Email address for Lois and Mrs. Dawes :

Email address for Clyne is

Sandra Simmonds , Karl Graham please copy.

Submitted February 4th, Douglas Clarke
PR Officer , KAPS-NY
Blossom Saunders , President


I hate to be a harbinger of bad news. But  I  have to inform you (if you have not heard yet) Cheryl Dawes , (sister of Cline and Lois, daughter of Mrs. Dawes, retired teacher of Christiana ) passed away Friday morning. Details are not yet available, but email address for Lois and Mrs. Dawes is :

submitted by, Douglas Clarke PR Officer ,KAPS-NY Blossom Saunders , President. January 31st, 2004


We regretfully have to pass on this information.

 Jackie Reid former Knox student of Christiana (Sister of Julie Reid Abrikian , Judy Reid Shields and Richard "Dicky" Reid) has passed away.
As more information become available, I will share it with the community.
May her soul rest  in peace.
Douglas Clarke , PR Officer, Knox Association of Past Students (NY), submitted January 7th, '04
Blossom  Saunders , President


We have just learned of the passing of Mr. Lance Henry , Sr. , long time resident of Spaldings and father of Knoxites Lancelot and Philip Henry. Other relatives include 2 daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren. Mr. Henry passed away on December 17 and was laid to rest on December 27 2003

We extend our deepest condolences and our love to Lance , Philip and family and we pray that God will continue to comfort them.
 Douglas Clarke , PR Officer KAPS(NY), Submitted December 31st, 2003
Blossom Saunders, President


Hi All,

My Aunt Alma, (my mother's last remaining sibling passed away in Pendleton, Oregon some days ago. Funeral is on Friday. Aunt Alma (Mrs.Lipscomb) has lived in Pendleton since 1955. Her husband predeceased her in 1976. She had 5 children .

She is also the aunt of Ludlow and Grace Ball (Fern, please tell Aunt Clara). Other surviving relatives include nieces Valerie, Maxine, Dionne and Dahlia Clarke.

Wynston- do you remember her ?

Douglas Clarke
Submitted January 29th, 2004


We regret to announce the passing of an true elder statesman, Mr. Philip Salmon , 100 years old.
Mr. Salmon hails  from Pike ,  Manchester and is the father of Knox alumna Deanne Salmon and the granduncle of Knox alumnus  Michael Salmon. He made the transition on Boxing Day, December 26 , 2003
Funeral services are scheduled for Saturday January 10 ,  2004 at 1:00 pm at the Pike United Church , Manchester Jamaica.
You may send messages to Deanne at  []
Douglas Clarke , PR Officer KAPS(NY), Submitted January 1st, 2004
Blossom Saunders , President


We regret to announce the tragic passing of Knox past student , Charmanine "Pat" Robinson. Pat died last Sunday morning in Kingston , Jamaica. She leaves two children and numerous other relatives. Relatives include the Tomlinson (Marlene, Annette, Gregory, Loris) Robinsons-  Shelia Peart Robinson, Sandra , Chevonne "Marie" Thomas.

Funeral services will take place at Bryce United Church, Manchester Jamaica on November 22, 2003.The Knox family mourns the loss and extends our support and love to the entire Robinson/Tomlinson/Bailey/Thomas families.

Douglas Clarke
PR Officer - KAPS (NY)
Blossom Saunders, President KAPS
Submitted Nov 18th, 2003


Hey KNOX family,
I was told to pass this on:

Wake for Helen Innis nee Dunwell :
4 - 8:30pm on Friday, 3rd. of October
East End Funeral Home
725 E.Gunhill Rd.

Corner of E. Gunhill and White Plains Rd. next to the Post Office.

The service:
9:30 am on Saturday, 4th of October
Bronx Pentecostal Deliverance Tabernacle
1755 Watson Ave.

Corner of Watson and Rosedale Avenues

Interment at Kensico Cemetery - Valhalla

Thanks to her daughter, Nicole, for passing on this information.

submitted by Di'allo Cunningham, son of Zona Patricia Virtue and Horace
Cunningham, September 30th, 2003

Hello Knox family,
    Sorry to inform you of this bad news. Helen Innis (nee Dunwell) passed away today. Details are forthcoming.

September 24th, 2004


 Herbet Williams was Shot and Killed  by a Gunman Recently in Spanishtown, Ja.  Fish, was Classmates to C.B and Mike Nation, Ian Uter, George Steele, Handel Tucker and Carter Mitchell.
Submitted July 28th, 2003


We recently learned that Ms. Norma Mills Lisset, (Kitty) mother of Knox alumnus Peter Mills passed away recently.
Funeral service were held at the St. Margaret’s Church, Liguanea , St Andrew
Jamaica on Wednesday April 30, 2003. Internment was at the Dovecot Memorial Park.
We express our condolences and love to the Mills family on their loss.
Thanks to Bloom Bourne
Wellington for passing on this information.

Submitted by, Douglas Clarke PR Officer (KAPS –NY), April 30th, 2003
Blossom Saunders, President


Once again we say goodbye to a member of the Knox fraternity. Our sincere condolences go out to Roy , Patricia and Maxine Lacey on the loss of their Dad , Alphanso Lacey.
Funeral service will take place at St Andrew's Anglican Church, Albert Town, Trelawny at 12:00 noon on Saturday May 3rd.

Mr. Lacey is also survived by his wife Gloria and 8 other children, as well as several other relatives and friends. The KAPS (NY) would like the family to know that we are with them in their loss and we extend our love  and support during this difficult time.
Douglas Clarke PR Officer, submitted April 29th, 2003
Blossom Saunders, President

It is with regret and sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Alfred Carnegie, formerly of Savanna- la- mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica. Dr. Carnegie is the father of Knox alumnus, Adam.
Dr. Carnegie was well known in Jamaica as an outstanding Doctor of family medicine for several decades. He was particularly known and loved in western Jamaica where he operated from his base in hid beloved hometown of “Sav.”
He was one of a dying breed of doctors who regularly made home visits and was true and dedicated to his profession as he was to community and social affairs. Never the one to really stop working, Dr. Carnegie continued to serve even after his official retirement from private practice.
    His work for the treatment of communicable disease and in family planning was well known and recognized outside of
Jamaica. In November 2002, Dr. Alfred Carnegie was one of four doctors honored by PAHO of WHO (Pan American Health Organization of the World Health Organization). He was honored for outstanding contributions to the field of medicine.
Apart from his son Adam he will be mourned by his wife the Hon. Muriel Carnegie, former Custos of Westmorland and former teacher at Mannings High School, and daughters, Joanna and Christine and host of other relatives and friends- including the Knox family.
Dr. Carnegie celebrated his 90th Birthday on the first of January. May his soul rest in peace.

Submitted by
Douglas Clarke, PR Officer (KAPS-NY), April 15th, 2003
Blossom Saunders, President.

    The funeral for Dr. Carnegie will be held on Monday April 28, 2003 at the St. George Anglican Church, (opposite the police station/court house) , on Great George Street, Savanna la Mar, Jamaica.
The family wants to express their thanks and appreciation for the condolences they have received in recent days. They have asked that donations be made to your favorite charity in his name.
    The Carnegie family has drawn strength through this period, knowing that the last days spent with this remarkable man, were filled with love, fun, happiness, laughter and things spiritual.

Submitted by Douglas Clarke, April 16th, 2003


I have some sad news - Mr. David Bent passed on  this morning at his home in Spalding. Mrs. Bent was remarkably strong, when
I spoke with her today, but needs all the prayers she can get. Please also remember Dave, Audrey, Betty and Johnny (and their respective families) in your
prayers. Mr. Bent/ Daddy B/ Grandpa Bent will certainly be missed.
Submitted by Gina Berry, March 11th, 2003


Check out Below Y'all - truly sad
From: Yasharn Smith
Subject: Re: Trevor
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003

Trevor Hamilton (boarder) from Knox (graduated 1996) died after getting 8 gunshots in his head in Florida.  Him use to walk with Harvey Hinds and Loui. May his soul rest in peace.


Mr. David Bent passed away on March 11th, 2003.  Mr. Bent was 92 years old when he passed away. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. Please stay tuned to this section of Knox Alumni Web Page, for the funeral arrangements. I will post that information, as soon as I have it.

Mr. Bent was one of the original founders of Knox, and he dedicated many years to Knox.
    Mr. David Bent, as a young elder of the Webster Memorial Church, volunteered his services, and gave up the security of his job in Kingston to accept an appointment by the Presbyterian Church of Jamaica, as the Builder and Bursar for Knox.
    All the Knox roads, buildings, and water tanks put up between 1945 and 1966 were constructed by Mr. Bent, who trained his workers on the job.
    Also as Bursar for twenty years, Mr. Bent was responsible for Knox accounts, and domestic and agricultural staff, and the maintenance of buildings and grounds. In 1958 he was awarded a British Council Scholarship to study School Administration in Britain. In 1966 he retired from the staff of Knox to his home near by to run his own business.
    Mrs. Bent, who has worked with her husband for Knox all along, was on the staff of the Junior School.

"Mr. Bent’s Years of Dedication to Knox", was taken from the Knox 25th, Anniversary Souvenir Programme.
Jean Slosberg, March 13th, 2003

The funeral for Mr. Bent was held on Thursday March 20th at 2:00 p.m. at Spalding United Church. Errol Lee will be doing the tribute on behalf of the Past Students.
Submitted on March 19th, 2003


    As many people now know, my grandfather Mr. David Bernard Bent passed away on Tuesday 11th of March aged 91. For those who were unable to attend, the funeral took place on Thursday 20th at Spalding United Church, with around 500 people in attendance. Officiating clergy were the Rev. Garwell Bacchus,
Rev. Oliver Daley, Rev. Dr. Cowans, Rev. Norbert Stevens, Rev. Lloyd McNamee, Rev. Lennox Scarlett and Pastor Curtis Brown.
    Tributes were also given by the Christiana Rotary Club, Knox College, Past Students and Webster United church. I would like to express the family's
appreciation for all the support and messages of condolence that were sent at this time. To all of us he was many things including co-founder of Knox, builder of churches, teacher and guide.
    Above and beyond all of these things to me he was, simply, my grandpa.

Thanks again to everyone,
cola Pitt
Submitted March 26th, 2003


Orange , California , March 13, 2003

Roy Schlobohm Remembering David Bent:

David Bent was my all time favorite colleague, friend, and human being, I feel the loss of him keenly even though we have been thousands of miles apart for the last thirty years and he has been increasingly at a personal distance as his memory deteriorated.

Called by God to Knox, he spent most of his working life holding Lewis Davidson to a modicum of practical reality, not always successfully. Burser, architect, builder, designer, farmer, mechanic and accountant, among other things, he made the bird shooting hilltop into the campus that is Knox College and provided the support that made the Davidsons' dreams possible.

Dave was “Dragon” to Knox students behind his back. In some ways he earned the nickname. He made a tough sounding announcement at prayers every year that the citrus beside the canteen was not grown for students to eat but was part of the school's income. Then he never sent his men to harvest it!  When I asked why, he said with a twinkle, “That citrus is the sweetest of all our trees. If  I 'forbid' the children them steal them, they taste the sweeter.”

He did not suffer fools lightly, whether children or adult, related to Knox or not. When the new government school opened above the catchment, kids began to steal oranges from his trees along the road below his house. Anyone else might have put up a better fence or got a mean dog. Not David Bent. He established under the trees a four hundred pound sow with a nasty disposition and a litter of new piglets.

Dave loved jokes and often laughed so hard he couldn't finish telling one.

His genius for making do was visible the day he was driving Fran and me to Montego Bay where he was building a home for the manager of Barclay's Bank. Our son Mark was a baby. When Fran took out a bottle from an ice chest to feed him, Dave stopped the car, opened the bonnet, took off the radiator cap, warmed the bottle in the top tank of the radiator, and then returned it to Fran. “He likes it better warm,” Dave said.

Never one to put on airs, Dave was given a necktie at a ceremony in Scotland that recognized his skills in building Knox. He wore it every day. After a couple of years I asked why he always wore the same tie. “It don' wear out yet,” was his reply.

Dave loved God, his family, Knox, and people generally. The love in him I saw up close more than once, but most spectacularly driving home from Kingston one afternoon. We were stuck behind a white family in a sedan that was stuck behind an overloaded, swaying market truck that hogged the center crown of the road. The driver of the sedan attempted to pass first on one side of the truck, then the other, growing more frustrated and more reckless with every attempt. Finally, it careened around the truck, horn blaring, two wheels up on the verge, an angry fist shaking at the truck from the driver's window. Dave stayed patiently behind the plodding truck.

At the orange juice stand along the road, the market truck pulled off. The white family's sedan was already there. “Oh oh,” said Dave, pulling into the parking area, “There's going to be a problem.”

We got out just as the truck driver, obviously half drunk, began to shout insults at the car's driver, raving about “bacra tink dem hown heveryting hin a worl”, with a lot of big fat forty shilling words thrown in. The white man, his wife and two children cowered before the onslaught. Dave stepped between them, slid his arm around the trucker's shoulders, and turned him gently away from the family. As he did, Dave's other hand motioned the family to their car. As they hurried to it, David said quietly to the trucker, “You know, Sir, you mother would be shame of you speaking that way in front of a lady. But is finish now. Mek me buy you orange juice to celebrate this beautiful day the good Lord has given us.” We finished our juice quickly so as to head out before the truck could gain the crown of the road again.

The world became a better place because God gave Dave Bent to it. Those of us who knew him became better people because of him. Now that he is no longer in the world, it has changed once more and will never be quite the same again, but the differences he made remain; a testimony to God's love as Dave lived it.


Samuel Simpson brother of Clemson Simpson (Boy Blue) and cousin to Alfren, etc. passed away last week. A wake will be held at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 1405 Bushwick Avenue between Cooper and Muffet Streets, Brooklyn, NY. Viewing on Friday February 28th, 2003 at 4-7 p.m. Service @ 7 p.m.

Submitted by Douglas Clarke, February 24th, 2003


We would like to send our condolences to the Smith family, during this difficult time. The following was written by Grace Ann Smith.
Our thoughts go our to the following Knoxites, whose father pasted away recently- Colville (Gullo) , Grace Ann (who wrote this) and Lincoln (Spurgeon)

Douglas Clarke
Blossom Saunders
(Knox Association of Past Students- NY)
January 29th, 2003

    I regret to announce the passing of my father the Late Rev. Lincoln Smith. He died suddenly in Jamaica at the Mandeville Hospital, 3:30 AM Friday
Morning, January 25th. He died from complications from a medication he had taken for an ulcer he had on his foot.  He gave his last sermon on his death bed
after a crowd gathered to see him at the hospital and died peacefully after Psalm 6 was read to him. His last word was AMEN.  My dad was the best dad in
the world for me. It is now 24 hours after his death and I am sitting here writing this with tears not of sorrow, yes, I will definitely miss his laugh, advices and charm but tears of joy that he is no longer suffering, he is in heaven a place he worked so hard to go to.  He had touched many lives. In Revelation 2:10 Jesus promises that if we remain faithful even when facing death, He will give us the crown of life-an unending, glorious future. I  live on that hope that I will one day see my Daddy again.  My family and I am going to make sure of that. He set the example for world and me of which I promise to follow.  His funeral will be on the 13th of February. Please pray especially for my Mom who has to be strong to face life without him. His last words to her was, "Joyce be calm and be strong."  She is trying but it is hard.  Please pass this on to someone you know who knew him. God Bless YOU.
Grace Ann Smith


    In my recent newsletter preview, I told you to pray for Mr. Duncan, who was recently hospitalized. It is with regret and personal sadness that I announce that Mr. Duncan has passed away. He leaves wife Linette (former teacher at Mt. Olivet Primary School and at Knox Junior School), children Charmaine (Cecily) – Donna, Patrick, Sandra grandchildren and other relatives. All children went to Knox and Charmaine on the staff of Knox.
    Mr. Duncan worked for several years with the Jamaica Agricultural Society. The family lived at Walderston before moving to Fine Grass. Frederick Duncan will be remembered as a man with a jovial personality and a family man for all seasons. His love and commitment to his family extended beyond his immediate family, as he sought to touch the lives of scores of people, young and old, with whom he came in contact.
    KAPS (NY) extends condolences to the Duncan family on this loss. Mr. Duncan was a friend to several of us and we will remember him for extending his love and his compassion.

Douglas Clarke

Blossom Saunders,
August 29th, 2002


 "We have been made aware of the recent death of Mrs. Viola McLean (Miss Vie) of Coleyville, Manchester. Ms. Vie is the mother of Frederick (Freddie), Duen (Fritz) and Ronald (Jeff) McLean who all attended Knox in the late 60's to early 70's. She is also the grandmother of  Janice, Frederick (Junior), Carmelita (Bubsie), Nadine (Debbie), and Sharon McLean who attended Knox College and the Community College in the 80's to 90's. She is survived by her husband Uriel (Pa U), other children - Dudley (Ted), Pauline (Blass), William (Jack), Paul (Mikey) and a number of grand and great grand children. She was buried in Coleyville May 2nd 2002.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the numerous Knox Past Students who showed their support by way of emails, phone calls, letters, cards and attendance at the wake and the funeral. We are grateful."

Ronald H. McLean M.D.
May 25th, 2002

    We regret to announce the passing of Nurse Louise Gosley, formerly of Christiana and more recently of Florida, USA. Nurse Gosley is the mother of Knoxites –Robert, Veronica (Baker), Michael, and Vonnette (Douglas). Many of us will remember her as the hardworking, dedicated Midwife form Spaldings / Christiana area.
    KAPS extends our deepest sympathies to the family and close friends of the Gosley family.
    Nurse passed on
Wednesday, June 19, 2002, Funeral arrangements will be announced. You may send personal messages to the family through this medium

Douglas Clarke, PR Officer <>
Blossom Saunders, President <>
Submitted June 20th, 2002


MCLEAN Viola (Mother Vie): Late of Coleyville, Manchester, died on April 22, 2002 leaving husband Uriel Pa U, children Ted, Blass, Frederick (Freddie), Tony, Fritz, Jeff, Jack, Mickey and Debbie, 26 grand, 2 great grandchildren, stepdaughter Angela, nieces, nephews other relatives and friends.
Submitted by Milton Douglas                                                                                            


   We regret to announce the passing of Patrick (Pat) Lyn of Sam Fo Supermarket in Spaldings. Pat is the brother of former student, Martin (Pepsi) and the father of former student, Patricia.
    The KAPS(NY) extends to the Lyn family, deepest condolences and we pray for strength and comfort at this time.
Douglas Clarke (PR Office)
Blossom Saunders, (President)

 Knoxites, Paul Lyn and Dr. Peter Lyn (former head boy and former sub-warden Irvin Hall, UWI) are also related to the late Pat Lyn.
My sincerest condolences to the family.
Submitted Tuesday, 30 October 2001


Our sympathy goes out to the family members of Patrick (Pat) Lyn.
His children are Patricia, Paul, Pam, Paula, and Peter.
Sisiters: Veronica (Kay), Audrey (Shirley).
Brothers: Donald, Keith, Trevor (Bobby), Horace Martin (Pepsi).
The funeral for Patrick Lyn was held at: Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Christiana on Monday November 5th.2001 at 2PM.
All correspondence should go to Paul at Sam Fo Supermarket in Spaldings. Clarendon.
 November 6th, 2001


Hello My fellow past students of Knox,
I am Gavin Bailey former Head Boy (1997-1998) of Knox College....I am just  letting you know that Mrs. Ivorine Bernard is dead. Mrs. Bernard a  former member of staff of Knox Junior school with over 25years of service.  She was up until her death the class 6B teacher. Mrs. Bernard is the mother of fellow Knox past students, Wesley Hall, Jilly Bernard (Class of 1990) Yolly Bernard (class of 1992) and Sallie Bernard  class of 1997). Mrs. Bernard was also an active member of the Knox PTA.
You can email me with all the questions and I will try to provide the answers. My e-mail address is <>

One love
Take care and be safe
God bless you all,

Gavin Bailey
Submitted, September 26th, 2001


Dear Colleagues and batch mates:

    It is with heart felt sympathy that I must share with you this sad news. Mr. Griffiths, father of  Clinton "Scatta Shot" Griffiths, one of our own made his transition today, May 30th 2001.
    For those of you who do not remember Scatta, he was our Head Boy  of  my amateur Knox College and he was the  recipient of the John Beatti Awards. Others might be more familiar with Scatta from UWI, Irvine Hall,
Sports Rep or the UWI spots man par excellence.
    Please send out your usual Knoxite and UWI support to Scatta. As soon as the funeral arrangements are ready, I will pass on the relevant information you.
    It is so sad that I have to communicate with you all such sad news as we till keep in our prayer the late Nyasha Robinson.

Niti, Servire, Neque Cedere"
One Love
Knoxite 1987-94
Submitted May 31st, 2001

Subject: We regret to announce..

 We regret to announce the passing of past student Sylvia Reynolds Thompson, late of Brooklyn, New York and of Christiana Jamaica. Sylvia was a student in the 60s. She was married to Robert - himself a student of the 60s also.
The Knox association of Past Students (New York) expresses condolences to Robert and family. We ask you to remember the family and friends in your prayers. Robert's address: 807 East 42nd St., Brooklyn NY 11210

 Douglas Clarke
 Blossom Saunders
Dec 7th, 2000

It is with great sadness to inform friends that Marie Blake-Dennis (Mousy) suddenly departed on February 12,2000. Marie attended Knox 82-86. She was loved by everyone at Knox. She had many friends some of whom she kept in-touch with after leaving Jamaica. At the time of Marie's (aka Annie or Mousy) death, she was with her  husband,  ten year old daughter and close friends. The cause of death was  later determined as a brain aneurysm. We all remember her sunshine smile, kindness and warmth. Her friends and family miss her dearly.
Thank you,
Tanya D. Stephenson,
Submitted, Nov 23, 2000

Tragedy hits the Township of Spaldings:

Alfred Chen (Uzie), of Spaldings who attended Knox died yesterday in Trelawny, Jamaica. Alfred was flying home in his private helicopter, sources out of Jamaica advised that apparently the helicopter developed problems and Alfred jumped from the craft before it crashed in the mountains of Trelawny.
 Alfred grew up in Spaldings, Manchester and is a part owner of the Spaldings Bakery which manufactures "Country Fresh" bread products. He is also the owner of "Dover Raceway", the popular car racing track in St. Anns Bay Jamaica. During the last General Elections he represented the Trelawny district under the banner of the (J.L.P) Jamaica Labor Party for the a seat as Member of Parliament for that area. 
He is the brother-in-law of Knoxite Rosemarie Wong-Chen, Delores Wong-Forchin and Maurice Wong. My deepest sympathy to the Family.
Submitted by Karl Graham, October 12th, 2000.

Death of a Knoxite Parent:
The father of Jacki, Karen and Sandra Brown passed away on August 4th, 2000. He lived in Christiana and had an apiary. Our thoughts are with his family.


Knoxite's Carolyn and Shawn Melbourne have lost their Dad.

     Mr. Carl Melbourne, known Spanish Tutor and Vice Principal of Holmwood Technical High School died on Friday in Manchester Jamaica. Holmwood Technical High School is the closest Institution of higher education within the proximity of Knox College.
     Our prayers go out to Shawn and Carolyn Melbourne who graduated form Knox College.
     It is with much pleasure as I pass through the Norman Manley International Airport, Kingston Jamaica and hear the familiar voice of Shawn Melbourne as it echoes through the airport representing the Jamaica Tourist Board. Carolyn Melbourne is a Medical Doctor practicing in Mandeville Jamaica.
     We will remember the Family in their time of bereavement.
July 23rd, 2000        

One last farewell, Mrs. Helen Stills

    THE LIFE and work of veteran educator Helen Stills was lauded at a thanksgiving service at the Webster Memorial Church in Kingston, on the morning of May 24th, in a symphony of words and music. There was no casket, but pictures on a table set beside a bouquet of flowers on the altar were laid in her memory.
    Later in the day, the Clarendon/Manchester community paid their respects at another service at the Spaldings United Church. Mrs. Stills died on May 12 in the University Hospital of the West Indies after a short illness. Educators, clergymen and representatives from the Knox College community, the Jamaica Teachers' Association, Lions Club and other organisations praised
the late educator's charisma, strength, intellect, zeal, enterprise and her dedication to the community. By the images painted of her, those who did not know her would have formed an image of a bright, resilient, frank individual, "a gentle giant" as she was called, who was said to be mother, mentor, and advisor, to many. She was also hailed for her sense of adventure, her sense of humour, and the little snippets of wisdom that she liked to impart.
    Governor-General Sir Howard Cooke read the first lesson from Isaiah 53:1-12. The second lesson, taken from Revelation 22:1-7, was read by Alexander Duncan, Mrs. Stills' brother. The tribute from Blossom O'Meally-Nelson, who spoke on behalf of the University of Technology, noted that admiration for Mrs. Stills ran throughout the entire college at every level. She was remembered for the sterling contribution during the transition of the school from college to university status, Mrs O'Meally-Nelson said. Reverend Maitland Evans, moderator of the United Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman paid tribute to Mrs. Stills for her "invaluable contribution to Jamaica's education, that cannot be truly quantified". He said that she found in the church a kindred spirit and was a member of the Synod Public Education Committee. Noting her "pioneering work at Knox Community College", he stated, "we are deeply aware how that work never lost touch with the spiritual values of the church". "Helen Stills was a woman who knew how to live her life. She represented some of the residue of colonial intervention in Jamaican culture. She walked the corridors of passion and compassion in ways that authenticated her true Jamaican citizenship," he said.
     Minister of Education and Culture Burchell Whiteman who said he was given specific instructions by Mrs. Stills before she died to do her tribute, captured the congregation with the biography of the Scottish woman who came to Jamaica some 30 years ago and stayed to pioneer the Knox Community College in Clarendon, which later spurred the genesis of other community colleges in
Jamaica. She was the first of two children, and according to Mr. Whiteman, grew up on Scottish traditions of "oats porridge and a good solid education". She was a fashion-conscious teenager who streaked her hair to match her outfits, he said. Later she went to college and for 12 years taught Maths and Drama in England. When she came to Jamaica for an interview at Knox, she should
really have gone to Sweden. "What Sweden lost, Jamaica gained," said Mr. Whiteman.
    The sermon, given by Reverend Earl Thomas, Chairman of the Community College Board, was more of a tribute than a sermon as once again, he spoke of her giving, comparing it to that work done by Jesus Christ. Her brother, Alexander, sitting with his family in the front seats, wiped tears intermittently. Other members of the family: sister-in-law, Rosslyn, nephew, Alexander Jr. and nieces remained composed throughout the two-hour service.

Submitted by Karl Graham, May 25th, 2000. 


Hello All,
The funeral for Mrs. Stills was on Wednesday, May 24, at 9:00am at the Webster Memorial church and at 3:00 PM at the Spaldings United Church.

Submitted May 17th, 2000


It is with a deep personal sense of loss that I inform you of the passing of Helen Duncan Stills, Principal of Knox Community College.
As you may be aware, Helen was ailing for some time now, and she maintained a brave and courageous fight against the odds.
Mrs. Stills will be missed by the entire Knox community, by the Spaldings community by the Jamaican Cultural Development community, The University of the West Indies, The University of Technology, the Community Colleges of Jamaica-in particular.

Submitted May 13th, 2000


More on Mrs. Stills

My name is Keisha Hill and I am a past student of both Knox College(1997) and Knox Community College(1998). I received information from Dr.Even Walters, who is presently visiting with a group of students (from Olivet College) at Knox that Miss Stills died the morning of the 12 at the UWI hospital. This is unfortunate and I would like to send my condolences to her family and well as well as the Knox Community who have lost a prominent member in their family. Her death has touched all past students of Knox College and Community College here at Olivet College. 
May 13th, 2000.


I was very sad to learn of the death yesterday morning of Helen Stills with whom I taught at Knox 1973-75. I worked in the English Dept under the leadership of Sheila Hall.)  I remember Helen's great enthusiasm for teaching mathematics and her generous hospitality. She certainly deserved  the opportunity to head the first community college in Jamaica and I'm sure her adopted country appreciates all the enthusiasm and hard work she contributed to the education of its young people.  I am so sorry we never met again.

Diane Coffey (formerly Burke)
May 13th, 2000


Just to keep everyone up to date, and it is sad to be the bearer of sad news. Mrs. Helen Stills our former School Principal died at the University of the West Indies Hospital last night. She had touched the lives of a number of us on this distribution list and will be sadly missed by all. "Her candle burnt out long before her legend ever will".
Master Kenny Graham Jnr, son of my Brother Kenny and his wife Bobette, was laid to rest at the "Oaklawn Memorial Gardens" in Mandeville, Jamaica on Wednesday evening of this week.
Kenny Jnr. died only minutes after he entered into this world. He was buried in a tiny casket surrounded by stuffed animals dressed in a pin striped suit and a bow-tie.
The funeral service was conducted by the Reverend Garrell Bacchas and tributes were offered by Mrs. Pauline McCulloch.
The pall bearers were, Miguel and Kenny Graham.
We will be in prayer for both.
May 13th, 2000. 
Update on the trial of those involved in the murder of Shirley Taylor Playfair:
Hi folks: 
    The following is the message from my friend in Jamaica re the trial of Shirley Taylor Playfair's murderer. I think one got away, am not sure if they caught him yet:  It should be on the Gleaner's website.
    All three persons got the guilty verdict for Shirley's murder. The secretary got 60 years, and the taxi driver and the other man got 55 and 44 years. They will not be getting out of jail for their lifetimes. The secretary is appealing.
Submitted by Sandra Dear on April 11th, 2003


Again, tragedy has struck the Knox community and the Jamaican community. Shirley Taylor Playfair, past student and prominent Jamaican attorney and public service passed away under very tragic circumstances on Thursday April 13th, 2000. At the time of her passing, she was the chair of the Fair Trade Commission and was also active in several other areas including the Knox Past Students Association. Shirley left Knox (circa) 1957 and was an outstanding athlete while at Knox. She and her family had lived in Spaldings.
May her soul rest in peace.
(Karl Graham)

More information:

 Shirley Playfair  was the chairman of the Fair Trading Commission. Tributes are pouring out from all walks of life.
Bureau of Women's Affairs
Department of Public Prosecution
Northern Jamaica Law Society
National Security Minister
Parliamentarians- Opposition- Expressions: anger, grief, tears, rage-
call for hanging to be resumed.

For those who do not remember Ms Playfair, think of the career talks and Leo Jones Day talks, she usually presented. She was from Spaulding: the house just above public works.
Submitted by Ava  Tomlinson, April 14th, 2000.


Kurt Campbell past student of Knox College, of the graduating class of '93 died tragically on Sunday the 12th of March, 2000. Please remember his family in prayers.
Constance Malcolm, Mrs.
Principal of Knox Junior School.


It is with regret that I write the following:
We have lost yet another one of us. I was informed that Curt Campbell (Class of 1993) died tragically yesterday, March 12, 2000 in Jamaica. I am sure anyone in this year will remember Curt as the famous athlete for Grant House, he was also a member of the Prefect/Student Council Body. My condolence goes out to his family at this time as well as my prayers.
Jennifer Reid

More about Curt:

Hey guys it's only me i got some bad news for you..! I am not sure how many of you knew Curt Campbell ..he
was in the group with Carrie James, Jostlyn Crawford, Horace Hector.........I am sorry to say Curt passed away in a accident on Sunday..he was thrown from a van back... he succumed to head injuries and a punctured lung.....  I don't have anymore details at this time... but I'll keep you all in touch..!! He had a sister by the name of Sheree Campbell...... he was from Widsor Lodge near Royal flat in manchester....
Sent in by Ava Tomlinson


I am sure most past students of Knox who attended school between 1980 and 1986 will remember ORVILLE (from Mount Olivet).  Orville passed away on Christmas Day as a result of an accident near his hometown while visiting with his family and friends there.
Orville during his years at Knox was a keen and disciplined teenager, who was a role model for those who knew him.  He later on attended C.A.S.T. (now University of Technology) where he further grew to be more disciplined in his Christian life.  He was a dedicated friend, student and sportsman. Orville will be missed dearly by those whose lives he touched and those who heard of him.  "by the way...I just wanna know...'will you know my name if I saw you in heaven!"
Annette Rattigan-Augustin
(St. Lucia)
Class of '85


Nigel Watt passed away in 1999. He will be missed by all who knew him. Our hearts go out to his friends and family.


I received the following information from Bryan Carter and Julie (Peart) Carter on October 29th, 1999:

Please forward to all including Knox associates.
Eda died on Wednesday at 5.00 P.M. as a result of cancer.  She went peacefully and told all of us to be strong as we all will gather together one day in the future in God's place.
The funeral service was held at Chapel Hill Harvester Cathedral in Decatur Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta Georgia.
Her husband Errol and sons Clayton and Jordan will need all the support through these times.

Julie (Peart) Carter and Bryan Carter can be reached at the following e-mail address: <>.


I received the following message from Douglas Clarke on November 4th, 1999: 

    We regret to announce the passing of Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Hanson.
    Mrs. Hanson taught English at Knox College fro eight years and became the Head of the English Department. She later became Dean of Admissions of the Knox Community College for 17 years. During her 25 yrs at Knox, Betty Hanson served in many capacities. She was Staff advisor for the Student Council, assisted with the Day Girls Association, and worked with the Community Colleges Association of Jamaica. She was named Teacher of the Year by the Parent Teachers Association.
    Some time ago, Mrs. Hanson was featured in KAPS (NY) newsletter in "Where are they now." She kept in touch with KAPS constantly, maintaining an interest in what was going on with the group and individuals. She was in contact with us up to a week before her passing.
    She is survived by children Polly, Tom, and Bobby-all past students of Knox. May her soul rest in peace.
    Condolences may be sent to the children-through KAPS. Please contact us for mailing and e-mail addresses.




This is to inform you we have lost several Knoxities.

Kirkland Williams 1976 June 1999 Class if 1992(1987-1992)
Andre Wright Class of 1992 Alias Shorty
Sharlene Allen Class of 1991
Aseneth Campbell Class of 1954
Orville Davis Class of 1986

May their souls rest in Peace!

Ava Tomlinson


The following was submitted by Rev. Schlobohm in November '99:

Hello from Phoenix,
    Some sad news to report:  We received a letter from England today, from Hilda Thomson's favorite nephew,  Andrew Marsden.
He reports that Hilda died on Saturday, November 6th, the cause of death being given as Alzheimer's Disease.
He adds that in going through her personal effects, he has found correspondence or greetings from very many of her friends around the world, as well as having spoken to many others by phone.  He says that although sad, the folk that he has spoken to all agree that Hilda's death, for her, was a happy release.  Some of you may have received a similar letter...but in case you did not, I thought I would write this.
    He mentions that Hilda's Will mentioned many charities that she supported, and suggests some of them if anyone is interested, or would find it appropriate to make a donation.  I have this list, and would be glad to share it. 
    Hilda & John Thomson were teachers at Knox for many the top of my head I am not sure of the exact dates... say about 1962 to about 1972...and Hilda was a far less colorful & controversial character then her husband !  She was an accomplished musician, a steady and wise mate, and a great friend to the entire Schlobohm family.  She will be missed.
John Thomson died in about 1975...but don't quote me...I would need to look it up, & I will if anyone needs to know their exact dates.

Her nephew is: Mr. Andrew Marsden
                      15 Falcondale Road
                      Bristol BS9 3JS                                   
   Until later,
   Roy & Fran S.



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