Hi, my name is William McLaren. I went to Knox in the 70's and I am trying to find some of my old friends that have been lost to me over the years. I can be reached at <>

Submitted November 13th, 2010



From: Anne Brown []

Hi to anyone who was at Knox College, Spalding (up a very steep rocky hill) when I was a VSO teacher at Knox in 1964-65. As a volunteer, I earned just £2 a week, which didn't go far. I helped with classes, with the Guides, and as Dormitory mistress for the girls - with a hibiscus growing outside my window which attracted a humming bird each evening before supper.

I have many vivid memories of my time there: Rev Davidson and his gentle wife Jean, the Rev Schlobohm and his cheerful busy wife and their children, Miss Ewing (Scottish country dancing in incredible heat), an English lady Maths teacher and her smaller Jamaican husband, two teaching sisters also from England, a Peace Corps swimming instructor, Dick Letarte, a Canadian volunteer teacher, George and Pauline Scott, three European students, the Fogls (Zdenek, Alena and Rene), the sports master John and his wife Margaret who was pregnant while I was there, so I had to take over some of her classes.

Sadly, I was no good at netball, but the Knox College girls were.

There were also two boys from Watford there that year, my home town in England by coincidence. Another pair of brothers came from Grand Cayman (Steve? and ?). When I was in Nassau about 12 years ago, I met their uncle and asked after them. Sadly, he said one had died the previous year from cancer. So sad, they were such excellent students.

And what happened to three lovely looking sisters, Joy, Hope and Blossom? And also to the Head Boy, Ronald? He was heading for university and a great academic career, I am sure.

I should love to hear from others there at the same time. I recall a very active Orchid Society, a Car Mechanics Club, and a Body Building Club, none of which appealed to me, I hasten to add!

Anne Brown in England


Hi My name is Marcia Scott nee Butler. I graduated in 1983. I now reside in the USA and I have a BS degree in Business Administration and pursing my Masters in Business Administration. I am very happy to have found this site. I have recognized many names and I am very proud of all the Knoxites who are excelling. I wish them all the best and keep up the excellent work that they all are doing.

Marcia Butler-Scott

Graduate of 1983.
Submitted November 24th, 2009


Hey, my name is Ann Walters. I left Knox in 1996. Anybody who remembers me, holler me. My e-mail is chadesther@aim .com
Submitted May 4th, '09


My name is Christina Taylor (nee Bryson), I attended Knox College between 1975 -1981. I would like to get in touch with former class mates who graduated round about that time who remember me.  You can contact me at the following email addresses: or Thanks
Submitted August '07


I would like to get in contact with people who graduated in '83-'84.
Submitted April '07


I attended Knox from 1995-2006, I   just saying hi to all Knoxites I'm still the same, but just doing bigger and better things. I'm currently in the military, stationed in Norfolk Va any who wants to get in touch my email address is
Submitted May, 2007


My name is Evangeline Green (Morgan) I just found out about Knox site. I am trying to find some of my class mate, I was there in 1962 - to 1965> Some of my class mates were. Johnny Bent, Vivienne Daley, Claudette Reid  Susan Fox,  there was fellow name Philip Gentles, Kenny Azan. These are just a few of the names I remember. My  e-mail address is . I would like to hear from someone. I remember Mrs Jones, Mr. Bent, Mr George Scott. I se you will be having a reunion in 2007 I would really like to come. I now live in Florida.


My name is David Mclaren. I attened both junior school  and  high school at Knox and was part of the 71-72 graduating class. I have been living
in Costa Rica since 1975. I would like to correspond with anyone from Knox who remembers me and especially those who were in class with me. My e-mail address is
Submitted January 14th, 2007


MESSAGE FROM JANE WEBB, who attended Knox from '50-'59:
I am so happy that I found this web page and to read about all the updates on Knox.  Please add my name to any newsletter or list that has past students.  I am retired and live in Costa Rica and would love hearing from anyone that remembers me.  I would appreciate if I can have names and e-mails of students that were at Knox during the years 1950-1959, there are very few listed. My love for Knox has never faded. My email is
Best wishes, Jane Webb

Submitted January 11, 2007


Big up 7,8,&9 H CLARK&10,11 X
Her e-mail is

Submitted January 17th, '07


MESSAGE FROM CHARLENE GORDON, who attended Knox from '78-'81:
I attended Knox with people like Fiona Jones (principl's daughter), Andrea and Judith Campbell (athletes and my cousins).  My best friends were Jennifer Handy (now in the U.K.) and Althea Francis (May her soul rest in peace).  I was not a popular student but I enjoyed my time there.  I did not graduate from Knox as I moved to Canada.  Anyone who remembers me and would like to contact me, please feel free to do so. My e-mail address is:

Submitted February '07


MESSAGE FROM JOANNE SHERWOOD - BURTON, who attended Knox from 1989 through 1994:

I simply want to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff and friends who left their indelible mark on my life. You contributed to who I am today.

Plenty love and thanks,
Joanne Sherwood
Submitted November 25th, 2006


Hey Guys,

I would just like to inform you of the passing of Patricia Markland.  Patricia passed away peacefully this evening in her sleep.  Thanks to all of you who responded to my email about assistance for Patricia.  A lot of you I know were questioning the request.......well it is not too late to help. 

We have a BBQ planned in her honour for July 29, 2006.  Tickets are ready and are being sold as we speak.  We are still going ahead with our plans.  It will be held in Christiana at the Case's residence.  This fund will no longer go towards her medication but to the family to assist with Final arrangements.  Please give the family all your support.  Contribution for the BBQ is $500.00.

If you are unable to make it, show your support by contributing what you have.  Funds can be deposited to BNS a/c # 9393, Patricia Markland, Cross Roads Branch. I can be contacted at

As soon as funeral arrangements are made i will let you know.   Thanks again for your time and remember to take some time to talk to friends and loved ones, you'll never know how important they are to you until they are gone. 

May God Bless you All.

Submitted July 5th, 2006


Hi guys, I am trying to solicit contributions to assist Patricia Markland, 28 yrs Old past Knoxite "Class of 94".  She was diagnosed with Neuro Endocrine Carcinoid Tumors since December 05.  It originated in her stomach and has spread to her spinal cord causing severe breathing and circulation problems.  Her medication cost $8,700 per unit (5 doses).  Patricia however needs 6 doses per day to survive.  Presently all she is on is morphine for the severe pains as that is all she can afford right now.

I went to see her on Saturday and for those of you who know her you will remember that funny high spirited person well nothing has changed but her appearance.  She is of high spirit and still as funny as before, I wanted to cry but I could not because of the unbelievable and unsurmountable strength and faith that she possesses.  It takes her a while to get around her room but she is trying.  She was working with RGD until a couple months ago when her condition got worse. 

She really needs our help so could you all take a little time from your busy schedule to forward this to ALL THE KNOXITES you are in contact with.  Who knows you may have friends and family who are willing to give to a worthy cause.  Spread the word around.  Times are hard, but the little you give no matter how small will go a long way and I am sure she would be very grateful.  For those of you who are willing to help could you please email me and we can make arrangements as to how to get the funds to her. I have a contact number for her, but she is not always able to talk because the cancer alters her hormone level so today she will do ok and tomorrow well you can never tell, so if you would like to talk to her email me your numbers and I'll past it on so she can call to express her thanks and gratitude to you.

I will leave you all with a quote " A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out", Patricia needs some real friends now so make a stand and make your presence be felt.  We are lucky to have health and strength so I am encouraging all of you to make the best of your time with family and friends cause you never know how long we have left with them.  Set aside a time of the year/month/week/day/hour/second just for your family/friends/loved ones.  Tell them or remind them how much they mean to you before it is too late. Thank you all and have a wonderful day and may the Lord increase your blessings abundantly.


Sharline Hall Howell <>

Submitted June 22nd, 2006


Hey guys ..I am suzanne Rowe I left knox in 94 but would have graduated in '96...I wish people like Alexia Bailey,  Jessica, Marlo and Melissa Holness would see this site and holla at me. I attended Shortwood Teachers College, I now teach in Kingston and I am about to begin my first degree at UWI. Teachers like Mr. Nam, Miss Hepburn...keep it real. Hey girls I wonder what Bruce Clark and Nathon Morrison look like now?????
Suzanne can be reached at:

Submitted, December 31st, 2005


I am trying to get in touch with the "class of 93".  A reunion is pass due guys, I need some feedback so that I can put a team together.... I'm thinking about summer 2007, What do you think?  My email address is

Submitted by, Sharline Hall-Howell, November 23rd, 2005


My name is Delfeina Bailey. I attended Knox from 1978-1983,  from 7 Murray to 11 Tomlinson. I remember teachers like Mr. Blair, Ms. Reid, Mr. Tomlinson.  I would like to get in touch with Marva Davey and Janet Brooks. My email address is   Also anyone who has a copy of any picture from any yearbook doing this period or of the graduating class of 1983 could you please contact me.


Message from Sophia Lindsay:
Would like all those who remember me to make contact. Especially  those who are in the UK. My email address is : <>

Submitted September 2nd, '05


Message from Knox past student, Ronnie Upstone:
I didn't even know there was a Knox College site! I last visited Jamaica (having left for Scotland in 1962) in 1986, where I saw my brother David (who also attended Knox before me) and his wife Sonia and kids. I haven't been back since, though not for the want of trying! If anyone remembers Knox in those old days, please get in touch. Ronnie's address is <>

Submitted July 4th, 2005



On my second day at Knox I hurried to my homeroom as soon as the bus arrived on campus and saw this student peering through the window.  This student was Freckleton and apparently like me, he had left his brand new school bag in the classroom after all the excitement of our first day at high school.

While trying to figure out how we could get the bags before classes started, an upper-class student came and asked what two "grubs" were doing there.  After we explained he asked if we wanted them and naively we said yes only to have him grab Audley and throw him against the door!!  Well Freckleton would not go for this and they started to fight!!  That was when I knew that even though he would not bother you, being a humble and quite person by nature, he most certainly would defend himself!!

From that day day on we became very good friends, spending a lot of time together, sharing the same classes and eventually the same courses when we got to make choices as senior students.  Together at one time, we were the only two students in the Chaplain's photo club - taking some very memorable photos at Knox!!

After I left for University we corresponded for quite sometime but then this eventually ceased and until the funeral I have not been in his presence or seen him since I left Knox. Next week will be 31 years!! On the last occasion of which I inquired about him I was told that he was living in the Mid-West.  As such it is quite unfortunate that in the end we were living in the same city yet did not get to meet.  Had I not seen the photos at the funeral I would not have had an idea of what Freckleton looked like as an adult.

This however is not all bad since I will now always remember him as the baby-faced boy with the big afro, and a love for the girls, things scientific and photographic!!  May he now Rest in Peace and enjoy the Peace that Passeth All Understanding.

Walk Good Audley,

Ronald (Jeff) McLean, BDS , MD
Submitted June 19th, 2005


Message from Chris Mais, who attended Knox from '46-'61:  
I have been out of touch for far too long (again) Visited Knox on the 28th December '05 when I was in Jamaica and picked a couple pawpaw up at the (once was) girls hostel, old habits die hard or will  not die at all. I am in touch with some old (?) friends from Knox but would really enjoy chatting with more from my time.? Sandra D , you are in Deutchland somewhere, if you read this then, do get in touch, same for Rudy B, Sammy, Harker, Scrooge and all. My e-mail address is <chrmais@online.on>
Submitter by Chris (Timmy) Mais, Febuary 2005


I had the pleasure of spending 12 years at school at Knox - Junior and High School. I grew up with Myrna Roberts, Gywn Jones, Michelle Lowe, Carl Graham and many other. I had Mrs. Swaby and Mrs. Bent as my first teachers. These years were the best years of my life.

I fondly remember the Dr & Mrs. Davidson and the many stories they told of the early days of Knox. As a adult I can now fully appreciate their vision and dedication to have completed such a massive undertaking.

I will always be gratefull to have had the learning experiences I had at Knox.


Patricia Richards, Hollywood FL
Submitted November 19th, 2005


Terry Morgan would like to link up with any boarders who attended Knox between '84 and '86. Terry's e-mail address is <>
Submitted January 25th, 2004

Hi I am a Knoxite from 1979-1984....My name is Rae McFarlane. I was in Mrs. McNamee's class with Wayne Walsh, Sean Segree, Donnavon Gilpin, Paula shakespear and Audry Dunkey, to name a few. My e-mail address is <>, if any of my friends from Knox would like to get in touch with me.
Submitted January 22nd, 2004

Hey..My Name is Andrew Chin.. I use to go to Knox and the time I spent there was the best time of my life. I was in Grant House, did some and represented my school at boys champs and came in last in the 100 m, but hey the relay team came second. I have been in Florida juss living life one step at a time and trying to further my education in Buisness Management at Florida Atlantic University. I do miss it and if any one recognizes the name drop me a email at
Submitted January 13th, 2004

Mr. Alvin Hand, Farm Manager at Knox from 1968- 1972 has asked me to convey greetings to the Knox community.  Mr. Hand now lives in Alberta , Canada.  Some of us may remember Mrs. Hand as manager of the canteen  at the time.
Submitted December 25th, 2003

Hi it's Amoya Harris here , for those who know me. I am living in Birmingham, England. I left Knox 1995. My email address is Send me a mail and lets have a chat about past years.

Hi again, My name is Alfredo Raven. Just a few lines to express my happiness to have made contact via e-mail with  Arleene Nash,  42 yrs later, she was a former student with me back in 1960-1961. Arleene " I am so happy to know that you are still around."
Submitted November 5th, 2003


Hi my name is Alfredo Raven ( form Venezuela) a former student of Knox  College (1957-1961), even though I did not graduate from Knox, I am know 57 years old, and will never forget those years at Knox. Just to name a few of the teachers back then, Mr. Jones, Mr. George Scott, Ms Mack she taught me how to count to twenty, Mr. Goodman, back then "GOODMAN HOSTEL", Mr. Bent, Mr. German, Ms Ruth, Mr. Davidson, Mrs. Davidson, and now some of my student friends, Zdenek Fogl, Carol Rachel Manley, Rene Fogl, Nerio Romero, Edgard Romero, Jennifer Ogilve, Barbara Armstrong, Arlene Nash, Loraine Azan, Labib Azan, Michael Azan, Lance Royal, Tony Jardine (9.6 in the 100yards dash), and so many others. Those days were the most wonderful. Knox College is really a rock foundation for so many students that spent years upon that rocky hill, surrounded by so many beautiful sites. I would like to hear form my school friends, God Bless.
Submitted September 1st, 2003

My name is Hugh O. Cross, I left Knox in 1965 and my e-mail address is <>. I certainly would love to hear from alumni, especially those from my era.
Submitted May 15th, 2003

Philemon Holmes is trying to locate anyone with a photograph of the graduating class of 1983. He would be very interested in a copy. You can contact him at <>
Submitted  May, 2003                                                                     


My name is Carl Johnson I was a student at Knox for a short time, on visiting the Jamaica Gleaner website I stumbled upon Knox again I always admired the discipline of Knox and even though my time at Knox was short I still embraced the little I learned.
Submitted, December 4th, 2003


Hi my name is Ingrid Salmon I attended Knox from 1992-1997. Anyone from that year can link me up at,
Submitted August 15th, 2002

    Take a  moment and wish that small island with the BIG personality a happy 40th Independence Day.  There aren't too many  who can recall the Actual DAY of Independence of our Country, and I am curious as to what any of you remember, since I was not quite 3 on that most auspicious occasion.  (this is going to separate the '30-somethings' from the older tribe in a hurry!)
    What I do remember, at Knox.
    It was a sunny day, and there was a band playing the National Anthem (probably one of the first times I had heard brass instruments).  There were Girl Guides lined up on the grass above the tennis courts, and we were EACH given (at least my brother Mark and I, that I remember) a little anodized aluminum cup, with the Jamaican Coat of Arms on it, filled with Coca Cola (or Pepsi? Who knows !).  That may have been the first time I had a soft drink as well.  And then, we each had a tiny Ja. flag to wave.  What a wonderment that was to my mind!  And, to top it off, there was a comic book that told the story of Jamaica ("Land of Wood and Water" ) from the Carib raids on the Arawaks up to the " Bustamante and Manley" leaderships of their respective political parties.  I am not positive the comic books happened on Aug. 6, but maybe someone can clarify?
 National Public Radio did a story on "We Likkle I-Lan", this morning, and it nudged me to send this out. Regards,
Anna Schlobohm  <>
Submitted August 6th, 2002

Hello Everyone,
     I am Shane Williams of the Graduating Class of 1995 (transferred Jan. 1994). I too will always remember my time at Knox. I would like to also thank all of the faculty and staff of Knox College for making me better, my learning experience fun and want to strive for excellence.
Submitted, July 2002


Graduating class of 1991 and 1992, please contact Simone Lake at, in regards to our upcoming class reunion to be held in Jamaica in December 2002.
Submitted March, 2002

Hello Everyone,

I will always remember my time at Knox High School and Knox Community College. The high academic standards established by Knox had and is still having a positive impact on my life. The importance of setting priorities and striving to do the best I can started with my parents and received SIGNIFICANT encouragement from all the teachers at Knox, especially Mrs. Barbara Jones and Mrs. Valda Bailey Walker.  I attribute my current and future successes to my parents influence and the support and quality teaching I received at KCHS and KCC.  Knox holds a special place in my heart and I will always remember the empowering experience of my years at KCHS AND KCC.  I am sure my fellow alumni share the same sentiments so let's pledge as a group to help keep the beacon (Knox) of top of the hill shining brightly forever.

It appears that our alma mater is experiencing significant financial problems, and is at risk of seeing its role and status in the education community significantly reduced .  Knox has played a major role in our lives and started many of us on the path to success, so lets band together and support current fund raising efforts to restore the physical and academic vibrancy of all three campuses.  Fundraising information can be found in the Knox Alumni website. Look under "Newsflash", then "General Information" and then "The Latest Knox Related Information".
Peace and wishes for continued success to old classmates and friends such as Joan Davidson, Glenworth Myles, Joan Lawrence, Debayo Adedipe, Neil Cuff, Gregory McGann, Barrington Payne and all my classmates during my high school
years.  Special wishes to my former 6th form classmates - we were a small and cohesive bunch.  It would be great to hear from you all.  Feel free to e-mail me at the address below.

Ludlow Ball, MBA, MHA
October 28th, '01


    My name is Artia Scarlett. I attended Knox High 1990-1995 and then attended Knox Community College for three years. I was the Head Girl Prefect  for 1994-1995. I really enjoyed my time at Knox College. I must say that Knox has contributed greatly to my personal development. I have kept a copy of the student's list for 1994-1995. Every now and then I look at the list and I remember my schoolmates and the fun we had when Mrs. Jones and Grampps ( Mrs. Jones' dog), Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Malcolm and Mrs. Graham were there. I wish that Knox continues to be the one of the best schools in Jamaica.
    Hey Christon, I remember you and every body from the Graduating Class of 1995.
    Have a great Christmas!

Artia Scarlett
Class of 1995.
Currently in Nassau, Bahamas.
October 25th,'01


Hi There,
I would like to extend my sympathies to all who were affected directly and indirectly by the tragic acts of terrorism in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.

I am deeply saddened that such atrocities exist. As a people we must unite and excel only for freedom, democracy and peace.

I know that the impact that such an event will have on our island of Jamaica will be tremendous and as such we as Jamaicans should attempt to do everything possible to uplift and better our country.

I pray that God will continue to bless and keep us throughout this changing point of our society.

Cadine Ferguson (Williams)
As token of love and all the blessings from above, I will continue to pray for you.

Submitted September 28th, 2001

Hi there,
My name is Cadine Ferguson (Williams) a member of the graduating class of 1993. Over the past couple of months Nydia Graham, Ainsley Williams, Frederick McClean and myself have been contemplating whether or not to initiate the planning of a reunion for our graduating class. We have decided that it would be a very good idea, and as such, we would love to receive some form of feedback from anyone who graduated with us, and those who have already held their reunions.

Most importantly, we would love for our form teacher, Mrs. Malcolm, who is now the Principal of Knox Junior School to contact us and assist us in the planning of this event.

Please note, in your feedback messages please state preferred locations, time of the year, length of the event, and the amount of money that you would be willing to spend on tickets.

Also note the proceeds will be going towards both Knox College and Knox Junior School.

I can be contacted at
Nydia can be contacted at

You will be able to contact Ainsley and Fredrick at a later date.

Thank you for your time

As token of love and all the blessings from above, I will continue to pray for you.

Submitted, September 28th, 2001

Dear Knoxites:
I am forwarding a prayer for all our New York Knoxites and their families. I would like to hear from you, or, if you know of any Knoxite who survived the horror at the WTC, or is missing please let me know.
Ava !!(1987-94) <>Marsha Dennie wrote:

---Subject: PRAYER
 Dear Family & Friends,
In memory of all those who perished yesterday and this morning; the
passengers and the pilots on the United Air and AA flights, the workers in
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and all the innocent bystanders.
Our prayers and thoughts go out to the friends and families of the deceased.
God bless their souls.
Submitted, September 15th, 2001

Hello out there my fellow Knoxites. Trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and here's wish that 2001 will bring peace, happiness and prosperity.
Recently I came across a 1971-72 YEAR BOOK that I have had since 1972 but never really had a close look at. In going through now I am seeing faces that I remember instantly. This is turning out to be a very valuable piece of keep-sake. If I remember correctly the cartoons were done by Rev. Roy.
I will now use this as reference material so if anyone wants to check for example on who were in the same classes together just give me a shout. Lavern, do you still play netball? Brian I bet soccer is too much for you now.

Godspeed  you all.
Dec 29th, 2000
                                                                                                                                                                            ************************  My name is Heather Campbell, and I'd be very happy to touch base with Chorvelle Johnson who attended Knox with
me between '78-'83.  We started in 7 Murray and ended in 11 Tomlinson. See, Chorvelle and I are exactly a day
apart in birth, and every year when my birthday comes around, I think of her.  I was born December first, and Chovelle, was December second. Every year I just wish I knew where to contact her, and be able to wish her a happy birthday.  By the way Chorvelle, if you or any relatives, or friends should see this, just know that I wish you a "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY".  And girl, we sure are getting old.
Dec 3rd, 2000

Hi Guys, My name is Sheilah Marie Banton.  I attended Knox from 1977 to 1979. I left and attended St. Andrews High School for girls, for about six months, and then migrated to the U.S.  I truly consider my self a Knoxite, and all Andrews remembers of me are my favorite words, "When I was at Knox." My best friend was Yvonne Hosang, and I hung with Myrna Roberts, Karl Graham, Helen Crosby, Patricia Richardson, to name a few. Gwynn Jones was one of my buddies as well. I would love to hear from some of my former class mates.  You can email me at work at or home at  I would love to hear from Colin Lewis, Tony Cunningham and the list goes on.
I an anxiously awaiting some replies.

See Ya,
Submitted October, 2000


Tribute to Helen Duncan-Stills:

Tribute To My Teacher,

A Thousand pleasant memories rush to my mind when I remember this phenomenal Woman.

A very commanding person, with the charisma that would have melted the toughest heart, a vocabulary which would send you home to consult your dictionary. A smile that was worth a million dollars, and the ability to encourage every lost soul.

She taught me English Literature, and she was my speech coach, my only wish is that I could find the two gold medals I won for speech at the National Speech Festival. If only I could find them, I am sure they would be priceless.

I will mention the names of a few others who with me were her prized speech students. If only she could see us now and know how much she influenced our lives.


Myrna Roberts       Knox Junior School//Knox High School        New York, USA        Now In the Medical Profession

Patricia Richards    Knox Junior School//Knox High School       Miami, Florida           Business Executive

Allison Barnet        Knox Junior School//Knox High School        Jamaica                   Former "Miss World Beauty Contestant"

Brett Haynes         Knox Junior School//Knox High School        Washington DC        Telecommunications Professional

Grace Smith          Knox Junior School//Knox High School        Miami, Florida           Now in the Medical Profession

Gwyn Jones          Knox Junior School//Knox High School        Jamaica                    Now in the Medical Profession

Fiona Jones          Knox Junior School//Knox High School        Atlanta                      Now in the Higher Education System 


"Her candle burnt out long before her legend ever will"     

  Submitted by Karl Graham, May 16th, 2000.            


Fellow Knoxites,
    Things like this are always tough, whether you knew the person or not. I'm always trying to get to the bright side of things and while I'll be mourning this loss, I see this as an opportunity to encourage you to *seek* out all those Knox people (and anyone else in your life for that matter) who mean or meant something to you and have impacted your life in some way.
    Moreover, this is a good time to renew or begin an active membership in our alumni organization. It was #5 or so on my priority list and it is now number 1.
    I see some familiar names on the list Ava used, and I'd like to say hi to all of you. It's good to know we all have email and keeping in touch is real simple. If you want to say hi, just hit reply and type something, otherwise, God bless you all in your

Kairy "Shadow" Walker
Proud Knox College Alumni, Class of 1992
Currently in Miami, Florida, USA
Kairy is referring to the tragic murder of  Shirley Taylor Playfair, a former Knox student who was murdered in Jamaica on April 13th, 2000. 
Submitted April 18th, 2000.


My name is Janet Vaughan, a 1990 Knox graduate. I spent five wonderful years at Knox and as such I am interested in the upkeep of Knox.
I would like to be a part of a planning committee or get in touch with an alum chapter close to me. I currently live in the Delaware area. My e-mail address is <>, if someone is planning to start a chapter in the Delaware area please contact me.

Sincere Thanks,
Submitted 4-17-'00


Naomi Smith left Knox in June '99. She would like to see reports about Knox current events, posted on this web page. I would appreciate hearing from students who are presently attending Knox, who would be willing to keep me posted on upcoming events on a regular bases. I do not have a contact at Knox at this time. We also need to have someone spread the word at Knox about the existence of this web page, so that we can get current students involved in submitting information to this page. Anyone who is interested in being our liaison with Knox, please contact me at <>. Naomi would like to see photos of eleventh grade students and teachers. Naomi's e-mail address is <>. 
Nov '99.


I am a past Student of Knox College and my name is Christon Reid. I left Knox in 1995 My email address is
I would like to take this opportunity to inform all the Knox past students of 1993, that Andrea Wright has lost his life. I would like to wish his family and friends my sincere condolences.  I would like to hail all the students of 11 Harrison a happy millennium.
February 2000.

I taught at Knox when Lewis was still there and Rev and Mrs. S. were teaching. I'm not a graduate
of the college, but I was delighted to discover the Knox web page and catch up on some events.
I'd love to receive some news about the old staff from that time. My e-mail address is <>

Terrance Millet  



Phillip Slosberg.
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