Dear Knox Alumnus,
    Right now Knox High School and Junior School are in need of funds for some very important projects. These projects include the Knox High School's "***Sports Development Drive" and the Junior School's "***Computer Fund Raising Drive". Please read through the following messages and give what ever you can to the project that means the most to you. If everyone gives just $5.00 or $10.00, then we would have made a substantial difference to the quality of education at Knox. I know that the school will appreciate any donation they receive.


Please send the magazines that you have finished reading to the Knox library, for the students to enjoy. Please send magazines that are less then two months old. You can mail them to:
Knox High School
P.O. Box 1735
Spalding, Clarendon
Jamaica, W.I.
Attn. Knox High School Librarian

The following letter has been written by Rev. Cowans, the principal of Knox High School. He is requesting financial help for the completion of the new sports center at Knox. Any donation toward this cause will be appreciated. To make a donation, send a money order out to Knox College and mail it to the above address, attention Rev. Cowans. Please make a notation that you would like to have the money go toward the sports center.

Dear Knox Past Student,
    Knox College is in the process of constructing a multi-purpose sports centre, which will contribute significantly to the fast growing sporting fraternity in the school and community.  The facility is designed in such a way as to be available for cultural events and other social gatherings as well.
    To date we have expended some $2.7 million to construct the frame of a building which has already been used to comfortably house sporting, cultural and other social events
    Completion costs are anticipated to be approximately $1.4 million for the following components:

        Construction and Installation of Windows $520,000

        Rendering of Walls $35,000

        Construction and Installation of Balcony Grills $150,000

        Purchase and Installation of Multi-purpose Floor $400,000

        Equipment Costs.

o     Strength Training Equipment.......... $80,000

o     P.E. Class room Furniture.......... $55,000

o     Roll-away Seating - Stands .......... $90,000

o     Lockers.......... $30,000

o     Total.......... $1,360,000


I should be most grateful for your help in identifying and/or procuring any of these items, as our commitment is to have the facility ready for the fifty-fifth anniversary celebrations scheduled for later this year.
    In the matter of equipment, we are feverishly seeking to identify any second-hand equipment from local or foreign
sources which will significantly reduce the outlay necessary to have the facility fully equipped. Your assistance in any of these areas will be greatly appreciated.
    With every good wish to you and your organization and the hope that 2002 will be a productive and highly profitable year.

 Your sincerely,
Gordon Cowans (Rev. Dr.)
Submitted March 7th, 2002


Dear Knox Alumni,

Over the years, Knox College (High School) has made its mark in the areas of swimming, volleyball, netball and more recently football, cricket, basketball and badminton.
We believe that more can be achieved with more external support. For many of our young people, sports may be the only path to the realization of their dreams as the economic and social constraints take an even more serious toll on the population.
The Sports Development Committee recognize the need for financial support and improved technical expertise at this time to help our youths to realize their dreams.  The effects are aimed at supporting the school in developing their talents and exposing them to opportunities, which would otherwise be unattainable. Your donations will also be used to purchase sports equipment.
Great things can be achieved with your support in this Sports Development drive.
We are therefore inviting you, alumni of this noble institution and all friends who wish to see the growth and development we anticipate in the Sports Department, to join us in this venture.
As life becomes more challenging, people become more hopeless and frustrated unless there is a helping hand extended or a source from which emanates a ray of hope.
Here is how you can help, you can send your contribution directly to the accounts office at  Knox College, P.O. Box 1735, Spalding Clarendon, or  you can make a contribution to the following A/C #851993231 at any NCB branch island wide.  For further information, you can e-mail us at
We anticipate your urgent response.  

Rev. Dr. Gordon Cowans 
Knox High School Principal

Mrs. Theresa Brown
Sports Management Coordinator

Your donations can also be sent to:
Make your check out to Novelett Fraser (your donation will be deposited into the Knox FL Chapter account, and then a money order will be written and sent to Knox High School. I will let Rev. Cowans know who the donations were made by).
Mail your check to:

Jean Slosberg
3970 Oaks Clubhouse Dr. #501
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

The e-mail address at the Knox High School is
Please write "for the Sports Development Fund", on your check. For further information contact Jean Slosberg at
October 22nd, 2001

                                                                        KNOX FOUNDATION:           

The KPSA in Jamaica is presently in the process of forming a Knox Foundation that will be responsible for deciding how funds collected by the various chapters will be distributed. The individual (Knox) Schools will submit a list of needs to the foundation, and the foundation will decide who will receive the funds and for what purpose.

I feel that while they are in the process of forming the foundation, that this may be a good time to at least help the Junior School prepare for the new school year. The cost of the items they need is relatively low, and it will help the school receive items that they may not be able to afford otherwise.

Please mail your donations to me or to:

Blossom Saunders
19 Dongan Place #4C
New York, NY 10040

We will forward the checks to Sheila Arscott in Jamaica.

Once the foundation has been formed, I will be sending any financial donations I receive to them.

Jean Clarage Slosberg
Submitted by Blossom Saunders,  '97

*Knox High School needs new or used sports equipment for their new sports complex which is near completion. They need work out equipment, soccer balls, netballs, weight lifting equipment etc. They also need funding to help with the completion of the complex. For more information about the sports complex, look under the "Newsflash" section of this web page.

                                                                              KNOX JUNIOR SHOOL:

                                                         KNOX JUNIOR SCHOOL FUNDRAISING EVENT:
    Knox Junior School is planning to have a big fund raising event in June to help raise money for the school. They plan to have a gospel concert and they are looking for Knox past students who would be willing to help sponsor the event. By sponsoring the event, your donation will help cover the cost of putting the event together. A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated. The sooner the donation is received by the school the better, since this will allow them to see what they will be able to afford to do based on the donations collected.
    If you would like to help, please make a personal check or money order out to Knox Junior School, and mail it to:
Knox Junior School
Spalding P.O.
Jamaica W.I.
Attention: Mrs. Malcolm

    Please include a note with your donation, stating that it is for the show in March. The e-mail address at the school is , if you have any questions for the principal, Mrs. Malcolm.  Hopefully, with the support of the Knox past students and teachers, they will have a very successful fundraising event.
March 8th, 2003


Knox Junior School is in the process of building a netball court, which will be located below the Junior School classrooms. Mrs. Malcolm would appreciate any help in the way of financial donations to help pay for the construction on the netball court. Donations can be sent to:

Knox Junior School
Spalding P.O.
Jamaica, W.I.
Attention: Mrs. Malcolm



Dear Knox Past Students:
The Knox Junior School is in urgent need of funds to pay for the computers which were purchased on a short term credit. The Junior School (like so many others) is strapped for funds. Knox Junior School is completely independent and does not get any money from the government. Despite this, they have struggled to perform and to deliver quality education which is expected from a Knox institution.
    Parents had decided not to register their students at the junior school unless they could be assured that there was a computer lab which was fully equipped. I do not have to emphasize the importance of computers and technology in education today. Furthermore, it is never too early to start the children.
    The school had to purchase 10 computers on credit. This is an URGENT appeal to all Knoxites to help to help with the repayment. It does not matter if you did not actually attend
Knox Junior School. ANY amount will help. 
    Please write checks to: Knox Junior School. This will be greatly appreciated. Again, any amount will help. The deposit of $US2,000 has been repaid thanks to the generosity of Knox past students and teachers. Now the school needs help with paying off the rest of the loan. Having the computer lab will help Knox to remain competitive. Please send checks to:

Knox Junior School
Spalding P.O.
Jamaica, W.I.
Attention: Mrs. Malcolm

Write checks to this account:
Knox Junior School Development Account #852001089. Send checks to:

C/o Blossom Saunders
5 Monterey Drive
Mount Vernon NY 10552

The e-mail address at the Knox Junior School is <>
Please write "to purchase Jr. School computers", on your check. For further information contact Jean Slosberg at <> .

Thanks in advance.



Mrs. Malcolm, the principal of Knox Junior School has sent me the following list of specific items that the Junior School needs. The items are listed by department. It is difficult and costly to purchase Kindergarten supplies in Jamaica, thus the long list for the little ones. She would appreciate any of the following items:

-Physical Education:
       6 footballs (size 4)
        1 football pump  
        2 stop-watches
-Art and Craft:
        3-dozen paint brushes
         any type of art material
        play dough
        video cassettes (educational  programmes eg. barney, sesame street, blues clues    etc.) for ages 3-5 yrs.
        audio cassettes or CD's with material for children ages 3-5 yrs.
        finger paint
        face paint
        Kindergarten paint brushes (these are fatter than the regular brushes)
        sturdy educational toys for children 3-5 yrs.
        teaching aids for kindergarten (math kits, language arts kits etc.)
        colouring books for kindergarten
      Books for children between the ages 3-12 yrs. (these should be story books).
Motivational and educational posters.  

Mrs. Malcolm would like to thank everyone who generously donated items to the Junior School during the Knox reunion. For those people who did not attend the reunion and would like to make a donation, please contact Jean Slosberg at <> to make your donation. The Florida Chapter will be sending items down to the Junior School in August and you may add your donation in with the shipment.
Updated July 20th, 2002


Mrs. Malcolm, the principal of the Junior School wrote:
At this time we are in the process of refurbishing the library and restocking it.  So the books that you have will help us in making our library truly reader-friendly.  I am really trying to get my children to develop the habit of reading a book for enjoyment. Since the computers came in they do very little reading and it is becoming very evident in the writing skills.
Please send your books and magazines to:
Knox Junior School
P.O. Box 1735
Spalding, Clarendon
Jamaica, W.I.

Submitted: October 3rd, 2001 


The following is a list of requirements for the Building and Electrical Technology courses, which are offered on the Knox Community College, Cobbla Campus.  Your assistance in any form will be highly appreciated. For further information on the items mentioned below, or to make a donation to the Community College, please contact Cebert Adamson, Resource Mobilization Officer at Knox Community College. His e-mail address is: <> or contact the Community College principal, Mrs. Buckle at <> . Please mail your donations to:
Knox Community College
PO Box 52
Jamaica W.I.

      Weight hangers

      Various sets of weights

      Wall mounted brackets

      Spring balances

      Inclined plane

      Meter rules

      Outside caliper

      Spirit levels

      Laboratory stands with clamps

      Stop watches

      Pulley blocks with various sets of pulleys

      Dial indicators

      Vernier calipers

      Micrometer calipers

      Tripod stands

      Bunsen burners

      Wire gauze

      Tripod beam balance


      Grinding polisher

      Mounting press

      Optical microscope [Metallurgical]

      Heat treatment furnace [gas or electric]

      Lathe [metal working]

      Dencile testing machine

      Tensile testing machine

      Izod testing machine

      Brennel testing machine


      Surface gauge

      Rivet set

      Dial indicator

      Surface plate

      Metal lathe

      ARC welding set

      Metal grinder


      Calipers [Vernier and Digital]

      Shaping machine




      Volt meter


      Power supply [high and low]

      Signal generator [RF and audio]

      Digital multimeter

      Analog multimeter

      Screw driver set


      Isolation transformers

      Dual trace oscilloscope

      Soldering iron [assorted watt]

      Soldering aid

      Neon test light

      Field effect Transistor meter

      Decade boxes

      Vector scope

      Yoke and flyback checker

      TV analyst

      Field strength meter

      Grid dip meter

      Color bar generator

      Test speakers

      Circuit boards and mounting frames

      Recording ammeter

      Capacitance decade box

      Resistance decade box

      Transistor analyzer

      Capacitor analyzer

      Tube tester


      Drill press

      Water pump


      Whirlpool [bath type]

      Censor Valve Mixer

      All in one toilet

      Pipe bender.


Phillip Slosberg.
Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.