We have started an eBay site called Knoxjuniorkids, and all proceeds from the sale of items on this site are being donated to Knox Junior School. This project can potentially generate enough money per week to help make a big difference for Knox Junior School. So far over US$300.00 that has been generated from Knoxjuniorkids has been sent to Knox and US$100.00 will be sent to Knox in the near future. Lylia Stevenson, Milton Douglas and Jean Clarage Slosberg have been involved with getting this fundraising venture underway. We need other Knox past students and teachers to work together to help Knox Junior School through the financial difficulties that they face, by participating in this wonderful venture. Milton Douglas and Lylia have already opened the site on both eBay and Paypal. We have a bank to help us disburse the money to the school. All we need is the commitment of a few other people. If you want to get involved with the eBay site please get in touch with Lylia by e-mail at <> and Jeanie can be reached at <>. Lylia is very patient and she will help you get started.

Knoxjuniorkids (KJK) works like this: Someone, say I (Jeanie) buy an item such as a cup and saucer at the flea market, thrift store, garage sale or estate sale for $5.00 or less. I then take a digital photograph of it and write a description of it (the measurements of the piece, approximately how old it is, the condition it is in etc.). I then forward the photo and description to Lylia and she posts it on the Knoxjuniorkids eBay site. A starting bid, which is higher than the purchase price of the item is posted along with the item. The item will remain on eBay for a specific period of time, such as 7 days. During that time period the cup and saucer would be seen by over 100 millions people located across the USA and overseas. People who like the cup and saucer and are interested in purchasing it would then bid on it. At the end of the 7 day period, the highest bidder would "win" the bid and they would send their money (usually through PayPal) to the Knoxjuniorkids account. They would include the cost of shipping and handling to the total payment. Lylia would then notify me that the item has been sold. I would then pack it carefully in a box and mail it to the buyer... and whala, we have just made a wonderful profit for Knox!

Items purchased at a flea markets or garage sales for $1.00  or $2.00; could sell for a 40% to 200% profit on eBay! Lylia who has her own personal eBay store has had the experience of selling many items on eBay which were sold with very huge profits; some of them cost her $1.00 and were resold for over $600.00!

We invite other Knoxites to become involved in making this venture grow and prosper and to help generate well needed funds for Knox. You can help by:
*Purchasing 3 items a week at a garage sale or flea market, taking a photo of the item and writing a description of the item and then forwarding the photo and description to Lylia to be sold on eBay. You would then ship the item to the buyer.
*We also need help from the computer savvy people out there who can help by listing the items and photographs of items to be sold on eBay. The "eBay for Dummies" book spells out exactly how to post items on eBay, and Lylia will also help you get the hang of it if you haven't sold anything on eBay before. Posting the items will take some of the pressure off of Lylia since she is the only one posting items on KJK at the moment.
*If you have an item that you would like to donate to be sold on KJK, but would prefer not to go through photographing it and writing a description of it etc, you can mail it to Lylia or Jeanie who will post it on KJK for you.
*You can also help by spreading the word about the site and encouraging others to bid on the items shown.

The first phase of the venture is to learn how to be patient and start with maybe $50.00 profit a week or less and later on make it quite a basic source of income for the the school. Our goal for the future is to set up Knoxjuniorkids "franchises" throughout the States, Canada and Europe. We need more people to get involved to make our goal a reality. Just imagine how much we can raise for Knox if we had everyone working together toward this common goal!

You can check out KJK by clicking on the link below. You will be able to see what is for sale on the site and how many people have bid on the item. Keep in mind that the majority of the bids on eBay are made in the last minute, before the bidding closes!

The funds raised from Knoxjuniorkids will help Knox Junior School grow and prosper. The money is used for various projects such as improving the infrastructure which would then allow the school to use their scarce resourses to afford the teachers a better salary. The funds would also be used to purchase textbooks, workbooks and reading book for the teachers and students. The funds would help with the upkeep and expansion of classrooms. The donations would help pay for school supplies, as well as covering other school expenses that come up throughout the school year. Our ultimate goal, is to start a scholarship fund with the monies raised by Knoxjuniorkids!