JUNE 25th - 28th, 2004

*****Please note that I will be out of town from July 8th through August 15th. Ovril Chung You directly, if you would like to order a banquet photo. Thanks.
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We had a wonderful turnout at the Knox reunion and I do believe that everyone had a great time. We sure kept them busy, and the past students who attended all of the functions will defiantly need a vacation after the reunion! Check out some of the reunion photos on the front page under "click here to visit the real time update page". You will find it toward the top of the page. We will be posting more photos as time goes by. Please stay tuned to the web site for photos which were taken by the photographer at the reunion banquet. You will be given the opportunity to order your photo through the web site. A potion of the sales of the photos will go to Knox.
Our reunion BBQ mini sports day event (not covered in the "real time update") was a lot of fun and the past students got into the quiz portion of the event. This was followed by the dance competition, the egg and spoon race, sack race, the balloon under the neck relay, the "fill your bucket up first" relay and culminating with the 50 yard dash.We had a lot of laughs, and when all was said and done the winner was Webster, followed by Grant, then Murray, then Forbes Dennis. We'll have to see if Webster can defend it's crown at the sports day in Jamaica over the July 4th weekend, in '07. Check out the reunion photos below.

KNOX 57th REUNION - A VIEW FROM THE OUTSIDE, by Lothar F. Rehbein, who attended the reunion with Jacqui Dear
June 24-27, 2004

Dear Friends,

It was a great pleasure to have met you all and I hope we'll be in touch
from time-to-time. Below I have written some thoughts as I remember the Knox

The mood was already set from the moment of check-in at the Comfort Inn on
Thursday evening. As I struggled in with our mountain of luggage (including
that of Jacqui and Sandra Dear), I realized that this was going to be a
mammoth effort trying to wend my way through the greetings and hugs,
theintroductions and general hilarity of the ever-increasing "welcome
committee" assembled in the lobby. And so it started - this one-of-a-kind

Initially, I was "alarmed" by some high-pitched shrieks and yells of "Long
time me never see you" or "NO, is this you ?!"  etc., and my first reaction
was that an accident or some minor catastrophe had occurred within the
group! This type of exuberance was unfamiliar to me. Only after the constant
  repetition and when I started to better understand the phrases, then could
I detect the inspiring warmth and the true depth of feeling underneath it

On that hot Florida summer day - the gentle, rocking of the "Sea Escape"
casino cruise ship on Friday did not  match the non-stop chatter of the Knox
Alumni and friends.  Where did all the old photos appear from? The major
task seemed to be to identify who was whom, then the chuckles about how
young they all looked then. Not for a moment did I feel left out as I
started to meet my new friends. Everything was so easy-going and natural.
The sweltering heat did not hinder some from dancing to the live music on
deck, even as some of us snoozed on chaise lounges in a shady corner with a
nice breeze, following the sumptuous buffet lunch in air-conditioned comfort

And so it continued with the various functions, gala evening and beach
party. As to the hilarious football match, I saved myself from almost
certain humiliation by pulling a muscle in the warm-up phase before the
match and could therefore only participate as a supporter. You guys (and one
girl) were all really good!

And that Gala Evening - the elegantly attired Errol Lee and his Bare
Essentials Band transported me back to warm memories of reggae nights in
Jamaica - thank you Errol for that highlight.  There again I was taken by
surprise as slightly distressed cries signaled the (brief) appearance of an
adventurous  little lizard on the dance floor, and many of the beautifully
dressed ladies hastily melted away in all directions. But the beat went

I especially started to understand the immense respect and affection shown
for the teachers Mr. Scott, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Swaby, among others, as I
got the chance to observe their interaction with the group and to speak with
them. It was apparent to me that the aura of the Davidsons and the Bents,and
the "citadel built on rocks" was always hovering over the excitement and
frivolity. (I did have the opportunity to visit Knox some years ago, where I
was privileged to have met Mr. & Mrs. Bent, as well as Mrs. Davidson and

The warmth and the friendliness of all of you amongst yourselves was so
special and permeated each event. I will never forget that you made me feel
like "one a we". Thank you Knoxites and I will surely try to come to the
"rock" with Jacqui in 2007.

Lothar F. Rehbein
Welfenstrasse 1
85586 Poing by Munich



No one had envisioned an event  of such grandeur!   For half the fun, it would have been worth twice the cost.  And no one could possibly leave without a  personal commitment to be a part of the next event in 2007.

The opening bell i.e the gathering on Thursday night,  did nothing to mask what was in store. Just ask the front desk receptionist at the Comfort Inn hotel  who had to plead with the excited alumni on several occasions for calm and quiet.  But who's listening?

Mrs. Jones and Ms. Swaby emerged from their hotel rooms at 10:50PM and,  standing on the 2nd floor, waved and greeted the gathering.  At that time one immediately sensed that a magical week-end was in the making.  It was dejavu when Mrs.  Jones greeted everyone in spanish.  Each person reached back in the annals of their spanish memory bank  to respond - including one sharp-tongued alumni who yelled back "Quantos anos tiene usted?" Whoever that hombre was, had nerves of steel.  A quick check of Mrs. Jones' feet revealed that she still wears heavy, 1970's shoes!

The events of the next  3 days  exceeded all expectations. In a prevailing atmosphere of true Knox kinship and bonding, strangers sought out  those without transportation and made sure that commute between the hotel and the various locations of the planned events was never an issue.  

The cruise was no ordinary event. Many overcame  their hydrophobia , if only for 5 hours.  The cruise setting could not be more perfect for one-on-one or group chit-chat, reminiscing and picture-taking.  The sweltering Florida heat on the ship's deck went almost unnoticed as the gaps created by years of post-high school separation instantly closed with each embrace.  Sure there were the uncomfortable moments: names that could not be placed with a face, faces that could not be connected to a name and flat out memory losses on both.  Strange, but no one blamed it on age.  Why go that route when it's always so convenient to blame it on the changed features of the other person?

The welcome gathering, the soccer match, the barbecue  and the prime event - the banquet, all had a different but compelling appeal.  Standing on its own, each would have made for a fully satisfying reunion event.  Take the welcome gathering for example.  It broke out into an unexpectedly thrilling 6-7 hours of partying that got better as the night wore on. It was like the coming together of all the Knox house parties of yester-years without  the threat of  a principal's shoes.

It was truly a special move on the part of the planners to use the occasion of the banquet  to honor some special ladies - among them past principal  Mrs. Barbara Jones -  who contributed so much to Knox over the years.  Mrs. Jones' approach to discipline was often viewed as austere.  But no one can deny that she was the best person for the job and for the times and that she molded her students to be high achievers.  Oh yes, she acknowledged that she did things her way.  But she explained it  that it was out of love.  She wanted her students to be model citizens of their communities and to grow with an appetite to lift others who need a hand.  The rousing applause given to her at the banquet was confirmation that her mission was accomplished. "Now me know why she used to t'ump me dung!"  exclaimed past student Errol Lee of the Bare Essentials band after Mrs. Jones' speech.

It will be 2007 before we know it.  Based on the Florida experience, that year can't come fast enough!

Submitted July 4th, 2004


In case you were the wondering..

The winners of the Knox reunion raffle are as follow. Congratulations to the winners!
The winner of the painting is the holder of ticket #2326
The winner of the Caribbean Cruise is ticket #0352 (claimed)
The winner of the trip for two to Jamaica, including airfare on Air Jamaica and a week at Breezes Runaway Bay Resort & Golf Club, is the holder of ticket number #2020 (claimed)

Updated June 28th, 2004


Would you like to order a group photo that was taken by the banquet photographer, Ovril Chung-You? Please send Ovril an email and he will let you know how to view and order the photos. Part of the proceeds from the banquet photos will be donated to Knox. We would like to thank Ovril for doing such a wonderful job as the photographer at the banquet.

Check out the Reunion Photo Albums:
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SeaEscape Day Cruise

Soccer Match


The Grand Banquet and Dance

BBQ at John Lloyd Park

We would like to thank everyone who helped to make the reunion possible! We started planning the reunion a year and a half ago, by holding several pre-reunion events, to help defray some of the costs involved in putting the reunion together. These events included a BBQ, Christmas Party and Fish Fry.The following people have supported us in so many ways, by either donating money or food, or by selling Knox pre-reunion and reunion tickets or helping out at events. We could not have put on the reunion without the support of everyone involved.
We would also like to thank everyone who pitched in during the reunion and helped out with everything from with transporting past students to the events to helping out at the reunion events without being asked. I apologize if I inadvertently left your name out from the list below, but please know that your help was greatly appreciated! The reunion would not have flowed as well as it did without everyone being so willing to lend a helping hand!

We would like to thank the following people for helping to make the reunion a success. Thank you!

Garfield Wray
Glen Carter
Rohan Carter
Tony Ashmeade
Andrew Ashmeade
Vonette Gosley Douglas
Dornette Mullings
Lloyd Morgan
Lorna Wiggan Fletcher
Yulin Chin Fletcher
The Codner sisters
Tamike Thomas
Yvette Davis & Renwich Lowe
George Steele
Inid Drummond
Karl Grant
Mark Embdem
Berthon Powell
Geoege Steele
Joy Rutherford
Lance Royal
Novelett Hylton Fraser
Elizabeth Chung
Marcia O'Conner
Vonnette Gosley Douglas
Helen Arscott West
Liezette Abel Ruffin
Rodrick Walters
Joy Rutherford
Elizabeth Chung
Helen Arscott West
George and Pauline Scott
Larry James
Maxine Reid
Herold Hines
Norma Richards
Michelle Thomas
Inid Drummond
Bill Harrison, for designing the reunion flyers and raffle and banquet tickets
Dehlia Harrison Franklin, for ordering the reunion polo shirts
Zdenek Fogl
Sandra Dear
Jacqui Dear
Arleen Nash
Janet Hugh Wong
Dian Harrison
Winsome and Orvril Chong-You, for providing the transportation to the events
Loris Tomlinson Allen
Horrice Allen, DJ Captain Al. The DJ at the fish fry and reunion BBQ. His wife is Loris Tomlinson. Thanks for making the BBQ so much fun!
DJ Suga and Magic Force Disco
Ken Williams, WRTN and Carib NY
Edgar Munn of <>
We would like to thank the following restaurants and groceries for selling Knox Reunion Banquet tickets for us:
Jamaica House Restaurant
Sam's West Indian
Marcia's Cafe
Island In the Pines
Janets Restaurant
Pines West Indian Store



Thanks to the committee members for all of their hard work!

Jean Clarage - Slosberg
Karl Wright
Steve Smith
Leary Mullings
Susan Davis
George Nicholson
Sheryl Walters - Malcolm
John Fletcher
Dehlia Harrison - Franklin
Neville Chung
Donna Silvera - Barnett
Janet Plowright - Adlam
Patricia Ellis
Robert Lyn-Sue
Elaine Toyloy Bandhu
Sharon Chung
Avery Peterkin

Kairy Walker

Vonnette Gosley - Douglas
Karl Grant
Hyacinth Shaw Davy
Mark Embdem

  Knox Reunion Support Team:
John Bent (CA)
Blossom Saunders (NY)
Douglas Clarke (NY)
Milton Douglas (NY)
Angela Letts (NY)
Errol Lee (Jamaica)
Sandra Simmonds (Jamaica)
Sonia Lewis Ferguson (Canada)
Sandra Dear (Canada)
Bryan Carte
r (Atlanta)



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