The Knox 55th Anniversary Reunion, which was held from June 30th through July 7th, 2002, was a big success. Though the numbers were down for this even compared to the '97 reunion, those who attended had a wonderful time. Everyone had a chance to get reacquainted with old friends and meet new ones.
    We hope that you enjoy reading the following reunion report.

The reunion began on Sunday June 30 with a Church Service at Spalding United. Attendance was affected by the World Cup final between Brazil and Germany. The side of the church reserved for Past Students was only half full but it was good to see Malek & Sheena Azan and Clifton and Greta Scott-Rose representing the 50's and 60's respectively. The service was conducted by Rev. Gary Harriot, a young past student, who filled in for Rev. Hewitt (a slightly older past student). Highlights of the service included a dance by the youngsters from the Junior School, a song by the Community College accompanied by their own electronic keyboards and a delightful rendition of a poem by a group from the High School under the direction of Rev. Cowans. Anniversary Chairman Errol Lee read a letter from the Governor General Sir Howard Cooke who apologized for his absence and took the opportunity to congratulate Knox on its 55 years of service to Jamaica and the world. Rev. Harriot delivered a most inspiring sermon, calling on the Knox Community to re-commit itself to the vision of our founders, Davidson and Bent (Mrs. Thelma Bent was present and is in good shape) After church the past students went up the hill to the canteen where Sunday lunch (rice & peas, potato salad, chicken and wash followed by bread pudding) was served. Rev Cowans welcomed the past students and advised us of the plans made for the Work Day and the inclusion of an art exhibition featuring the work of present students.
Submitted by Errol Lee 


The dining room on the 17th floor of the Jamaica Pegasus is called the "Talk of the Town". On Monday July 1, 2002, it lived up to its name as Knox Past Students from all five decades of the school's existence gathered for a luncheon in honour of our second Principal, George Scott. Our Guest Speaker was the Chief of Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin. He was introduced by Colonel Audley Carter who noted that through no fault of his own, his boss attended York Castle High School but secretly wished he had gone to Knox. Admiral Lewin received rousing applause for his speech which focussed on the threat of organised crime to small economies such as Jamaica. The citation to Scotty was read by Peter John Thwaites who had earlier introduced himself as "Kicked out in '57". Molly DaCosta presented a plaque to the Scotts on behalf of the past students. The icing on the cake took the form of a brief performance by Gordon Scott, the Scott's first child, who returned to Jamaica some six years ago and launched a musical career, despite having earned degrees in Business Administration while in the USA. Mrs. Jones, whose journey into Kingston took an extra hour because of a landslide in Porus, arrived just in time to read a letter to George from Sandra Dear and to add congratulations of her own. In his reply, George praised the Knox philosophy of creating well-rounded individuals, for his success as a businessman first in Toronto and later Hartford. He praised Pauline for keeping him young. Commemorative trophies were presented to Sheila Arscott-Smith, Robert (Whitey) Reynolds, Dunbar McFarlane, Errol Lee, Sandra Simmonds,. Tweedsmuir Mitchell, Blossom Saunders (New York), Jeanie Slosberg (Florida), Sonia Ferguson (Toronto) and a posthumous award to Shirley Playfair, our illustrious past student who was brutally slain two years ago. This was accepted on her behalf by her sister Henny.       
Submitted by Errol Lee

Everyone arrived at the Jamaica Grande, traveling from near and far. A cocktail party was held at the Jamaica Grande where everyone had a chance to mingle and catch up on what has gone on in their lives since leaving Knox.

We took a Knox high school bus up to Knox on Thursday July 4th. Others living in Jamaica and those who had rental cars met us on campus. We started out helping with the construction of a second floor which was being added to the high school Liberal Arts Building. The building was located next to the canteen (which is still there, but has been expanded to include benches). I'm sure we all remember where the canteen was! The past students jumped right in and helped the workmen and present students carry bricks up the stairs, where the walls of the building were being constructed. Some of the guys mixed cement. I don't think they realized how heavy a bucket of cement can be! After working for a couple of hours we took our sore muscles to the dinning room for a hot lunch and a cold drink. After lunch we all headed down to the junior school to help paint the kindergarten classroom. We helped take down the numerous posters and thumb tacks from the walls, and prepared the walls for a fresh coat of paint. We ended up painting the walls in off white and blue. The desks, shelves, cabinets and some chairs were painted in blue, yellow, red and green. The room looked bright and shiny by the time we were finished. The junior school will have a record number of kindergarten students in September, so they will have a freshly painted room to start the year off in.
We then proceeded to the dinning room to view a very impressive art show that was put on by the high school students.

The Reunion Sports day was held a Kaiser Sports Field in Discovery Bay. We has about 80 people attend the event and everyone got into the spirit of the fierce competition between Grant, Forbes Dennis, Murray and Webster. Everyone was decked out in their house colors. The first event of the day was table tennis, where the Grant men won and so did the Forbes Dennis women. This was followed by track, which was divided up by age. You should have seen the over 40 guys run! We then had a relay race which was a mixed team. This was followed by a mixed netball team made up of Knox past students and teachers of all ages. Some of the men thought that they were playing basketball instead of netball. Mrs. Scott must have had a sore throat from blowing the whistle so often. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the match. Larry James was the star goal shooter of the day. I guess playing basketball does pay off after all. We then moved on to the soccer field, where they played a game with mixed houses, to ensure that there were enough players for the game. All of the Azans showed up. Everywhere you looked on the field, there was an Azan! There were some wrapped ankles and many sore muscles by the end of the day, but everyone had memories and smiles that they will cherish forever. Need I mention the results? They were the same as at the 50th Reunion sports day. Grant first, Forbes Dennis second, followed by Webster then Murray. We will have to wait until the '07 reunion to see if Grant can finally be defeated. After the sports day event most people proceeded to a jerk center for some more nourishment and music. I'm not sure how many people soaked their weary bones in the hot tub that night, but I suspect that people were fighting over the prime jet locations!

We all met in a meeting room at 10:30 in the morning at the Jamaica Grande, to view slides of Knox from the 50's, 60's and early 70's. The slides were taken by the Schlobohms and Mrs. Schlobohm kindly offered to duplicate the slides for the event. We all went down memory lane (some a little further than others) and enjoyed seeing pictures of life at Knox during that time. The slides brought back a lot of memories and debate about who was who. Mr. Scott read the narration and added some insight about what was going on at Knox during that time. We will be showing the slides again at the next reunion, so don't miss it!

The slide show was followed by a rap session with the Knox principals. It was an honor the hear Mrs. Malcolm the Knox Junior School Principal and Mrs. Buckley, the Knox Community College Principal speak. Rev. Cowens, the Knox High School Principal could not attend and a letter from him was read in his absence. We were impressed with the excellent job that that principals have done with striving to make Knox the best that it can be. They have had to struggle with various problems including financial ones and have put their hearts and souls into achieving excellence and high standards for Knox. A Knox past student commented at the end of the presentation that she would send her child to Knox, what higher compliment can someone give than that?

The Dinner and Dance started at 8:00p.m. Everyone was dressed up for the evening and looked great. We enjoyed a buffet dinner, followed by dancing into the wee hours of the night. Errol Lee's Band, Bare Essentials played and had everyone on the dance floor dancing to reggae, ska and oldies. The music was fantastic and everyone danced the night away.

Most people had to drag out of bed to regretfully, head back home, but they had many happy memories to take home with them.


                                                                           THANK YOU!
I would like to thank the following people for helping to make the Knox 55th Anniversary Reunion Celebration such a success. The reunion would not have been possible without their help:

Errol Lee - for planning and organizing this wonderful event.
Sheila Arscott Smith - for collecting the money (and paying the bills) for the reunion events.
Rev. Roderick Hewitt (Son) - for planning the church service single-handedly.
Col. Audley Carter - for hosting all 55th anniversary planning meetings at the Officers' Club.
Admiral Hardley Lewin - Guest Speaker at the Awards Luncheon.
Gordon Scott & his band Soul Case - for serenading George & Pauline at the Luncheon.
Sabrina Williams - impromptu cabaret performance at the Ball.
Dehlia Harrison - excellent polo shirts!
Jackson Chang - designing the logo and the trophies.
George & Pauline Scott - for being such great sports.
Jacquline Edwards - from the Jamaica Grande. Jacquline helped to make sure that reunion the events ran smoothly.
Charmaine Tyndale - the sales manager and Knox past student helped with the hotel reservations.
Bobby Pairman
Sandra Simmons - Thanks for taking care of the Ball reservations during the evening of the Ball, and for purchasing the paint for the workday at Knox.
The Staff at the Jamaica Grande
Blossom Saunders, Douglas Clarke and Milton Douglas - for spreading the word about the reunion.
Odette Rose - for doing a wonderful job of planning the sports day event at Kaiser Sports Complex, as well as the music at the Jerk Center.
Zdenek Fogl - for purchasing extra paint for painting the Knox Junior School kindergarten classroom.
Rev. Cowans
Mrs. Malcolm
Mrs. Buckle

I apologize if I have inadvertently left anyone out.
Submitted by Errol Lee and Jean Slosberg



     The Knox Reunion video is now finished. If you attended the reunion and would like a visual memory of the event, or if you couldn't attend the reunion and would like to see what the reunion was like, you may now order a copy of the Knox 55th Anniversary Reunion Video. The video is 1 hour and 10 minutes long and includes segments of the events that took place at the reunion. It also includes a 10 minute segment at the end of the video, with scenes of Jamaica accompanied by oldies preformed the by Bare Essentials Band.
    The proceeds from the sale of the videos will go to help pay for the Knox Junior School computers. The videos cost $18.25 each, $15.00 of which will go to the Junior School and the remaining $3.25 will cover the cost of the video tape, the padded mailing envelope and the postage.

To order a video, please a check for $18.25 per video to Jean Slosberg, and mail it to:
Jean Slosberg
3970 Oaks Clubhouse Dr. #501
Pompano Beach, FL 33069


Knox Reunion Sports Day
(L-R) Sandra Simmons, Bobby Pearman, Rosie Wong, Mark Harrison and Janet Adlam

Knox Reunion Sports Day
Marcia Williams, Delores Wong, Janet Adlam, Rosie Wong, Don Jones, Barington Payne and Paul Tomlinson.  In Back:  Lloyd Young, Phillip Harrison and Denise Rose

(L-R) Lisa Chen, Ralph Williams, Rosie Wong, Mark Harrison and Janet Adlam

Knox Reunion Ball
(L-R) Janet Adlam, Phillip Harrison and Rosie Wong

(L-R) Mark Harrison, Marcia Williams, Janet Adlam Plowright and Owen Plowright

Watch This Space for More
Exciting Photos!

(If you have photos from the 55th Reunion, please contact me at )



                                       HOW DID YOU ENJOY THE REUNION?
For those who attended the reunion, we would love to get your input. Please send me your feelings about the reunion and I will add your comments to this page. Please send your summary to <>       

               REUNION MESSAGES FROM KNOX PAST STUDENTS                                           
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you that everyone put in to make the reunion such a success!  I had a great time.  I felt guilty at times seeing you guys work while we had so much fun.  Of course, having it at Jamaica
Grande, one of my favorite places, only increased the fun factor.  I have 2 regrets--one, that I missed the 50th anniversary reunion and two, that we will have to wait another 5 years to do it again!  Sheila, sorry I did not catch up with you to say hi.  Veronica, I was looking forward to seeing you--heard you were in Ja.  Thanks to everyone who helped to make the event such a success.  Take care guys!
Marlene  Reid


 Let  me  use this opportunity to thank you all for the tremendous job  you did in organizing the 55 anniversary  reunion.  It was  great. My wife and I had a  terrific  time.  Five years  is  a long interlude, don't  you think?
Karl Wright


Hi everyone,
                      I had a great time at  both events the sports day and the reunion ball. I Had not seen some classmates for over twenty odd years . I hope we will have a larger group from the (70's) the next time around. I want to thank you guys for putting on an excellent event.....
               Past student 1980..... Don Jones (platinum blond) 


Hi All,
Bryan and Julette (Peart) Carter sends greetings to all Knox past students. I (Bryan) had a great time at the 55th and hope to be there for the 60th. Julie will also definitely be there for the 60th.
So you all take care and I will see you all again soon. I can be reached by e-mail at

Hi Jeanie,
    I had a very wonderful time at the 55th reunion at Knox. It was a pleasure to see folks I had not seen from I graduated  from Knox 1967. It was nice meeting you after hearing so many good things about you and
keeping the Knox spirit alive. Hope to see some of your pictures soon on the net if possible. It was fun painting at the
junior school and found it very rewarding to give a little something back to our school.  Thanks to all the others we had fun painting with.
Best regards
Elaine (Jones) Lyn

Hi All,
    For me the 55th Anniversary Reunion was simply great. I had missed the one in 1997 and vowed that it would not happen again. Great seeing you guys again and to see that you have not changed much. The five year period will eventually be too much of a gap for some people. We should probably start thinking of an annual reunion at one or other of the chapters. Can hardly wait for the pictures to be posted.
    When next anyone is coming this way I would like to know as I would like to assist in any way.

Count your blessings.
Colonel Audley Carter




The following donations were made to Knox during the recent Knox reunion:

A cheque for $3500 Canadian, was presented to Sheila Arscott-Smith, the Treasurer of the Knox Past Student's Association Chapter in Jamaica on behalf of the KNOX Complex of Schools. Proceeds of funds were obtained from fund-raising efforts of the Toronto Chapter.
Submitted by Sonia Lewis Ferguson, August 2002

The Florida Knox Past Student's Association donated two computers and one printer to the Knox high school social studies department. Special thanks go out to Neville Chung for having the computers assembled and for taking one down to Jamaica with him. Thanks also goes out to Yvonne Hylton Reid for her fundraising efforts and for taking a computer and the printer down to Jamaica. Thanks to Novelett Hylton Fraser for purchasing the printer on behalf of the chapter, and for her fundraising efforts. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Florida Chapter by attending the fundraising events and making donations to the Florida Chapter.
Submitted by Jean Slosberg, August 2002

A donation of US$988.00 was presented to Mrs. Malcolm, the Knox Junior School principal to help pay for the school's new computers. This money was raised from the sale of Knox yearbooks. I still have copies of Knox yearbooks for sale. Please see the "Knox Yearbook" page on this site for information on how to order a yearbook.
Submitted by Jean Slosberg, August 2002

Several Knox Past students brought school supplies down with them to the reunion, and presented them to the Junior School during our visit to Knox. I would like to thank everyone for their generous donations. The teachers and students will benefit from using the supplies that you donated.


The next Knox reunion in Jamaica will be held during 2007, so you have plenty of time to plan to attend! We would like to have a full house for the next event. Stay tuned to this web page for the exact date of the event.
Please let me know if your e-mail address changes within the next 5 years, so that we can keep you updated on the reunion in '07.


We would like to hear from you about what you would like to have take place at the Knox 60th Anniversary Celebration. Where would you like to have the reunion events while we are in Jamaica? What time of year would be a good time for you? Would you like to spend more time at Knox, or in Ocho Rios? What would you like to do while we are at Knox? Please send your suggestions and ideas to me, Jean Slosberg at <>  and I will forward them on to Sonia Lewis Ferguson, Errol Lee and Blossom Saunders. We will be starting to plan this event early, so that we have plenty of time to let everyone know when and where the event will be held.


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